CMS C6 Z06 (700 hp) vs Alpha 9 GTR (800+Hp) at Airstrip Attack Event

CMS C6 Z06 CMS spec Heads/cam/FAST 102/102 tb +e85 fuel vs. AMS Alpha 9 GTR (800+ hp) running MS109 race fuel

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09 Alpha 9 pump gas GTR vs 08 Supercharged C6Z06
Roll races from 40-60mph starts to 140-160mph ending points on a closed course generated by computers.Alpha 9 GTR with passenger weighs in at 4300lbs and the S/C C6Z06 with passenger weighs in at 3500lbs. Corvette does the beeping for starts. Supercharged C6Z06 has 650rwhp/600rwtq and GTR has 670awhp/600awtq.

Alpha 9 GTR Takes on 700whp Cobra 40mph roll
(All clips are 100% computer generated)

2008 Corvette zo6 vs 2014 Nissan GTR
Highway roll simulation. Here is the video with the rematch

TT C6 Z06 Vs Alpha 9 GTR
Twin turbo C6 Z06 Vs Alpha 9 R35 GTR