Supercharged Tundra 5.7 RCSB

2007 TRD Supercharged RCSB Tundra,Built 5.7 with JE Pistons and Oliver Billet Rods, Tons of other engine upgrades Auburn LSD, JBA Headers. FOR SALE!!!!!!! Link Below!!! Music by Immediate Music, track is called Dark Side Of Power. All copyrights belong to them.

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Magnuson Supercharged 2017 Tundra - "Before" and "After" Test Results
This video documents the overall performance improvement of a stock 2017 Toyota Tundra with a 5.7L Flex Fuel Engine after installing a Magnuson Super Charger and being properly tuned by Bully Dog Performance Specialists. For all your Toyota Tundra needs, log on to The "Before" Supercharger Installation Test was performed at 4,774' elevation (Orem, Utah). The 0-60 test was 8.10 sec. The Dyno test was 292 /361 (HP/Torque). The "After" Supercharger Installation Test was performed at 4406' elevation (American Falls, Idaho) with results of 5.17 sec 0-60 and 476/467 (HP/Torque). The overall improvements were 2.93 seconds decrease on the 0-60 and 184/106 (HP/Torque) increase.

2015 Toyota Tundra, Quick Drive, TRD SUPERCHARGED!!!
Thanks for watching my review of my buddies 2015 Toyota Tundra. He bought the truck new and got a dealer installed TRD Supercharger. Truck makes 500ish at the crank I believe.. Enjoy :)

How To Replace Toyota Tundra Side Mirror & Remove Door Panel 00-06
Get a new mirror here: Just how to remove the door panel and replace the side view mirror on an 05 Toyota Tundra! Removing the door panel and replacing the side mirror on a Tundra is pretty easy. Subscribe: Please like, share, and subscribe. Support a DIY Car Guy: PATREON: Check out my other pages and stay updated: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: @@@ "We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites." This helps you get products that you need/want, while helping me make better content for you at the same time!

2007 Toyota Tundra DIY..A/C Fan Motor Replace..EASY
Went to get my Oil changed and have my A/C motor checked out and a door window strip replaced. Assumed I still had an extended warranty (it was expired). The Rep called me an hour later to tell me that my warranty had expired and the a/c motor would be $300 installed, $45 cabin air filter, $196 for the door weather strip which I went nuts when I heard!! Oh, and my serpentine belt was bad too add another $240 installed to the total. So I couldn't believe it especially about the belt and weather strip for the bottom of the door window. He told me he would double check on the weather strip and call me back. Ok in the mean time I went across the street from work to an Auto Parts store and found the Serpentine Belt for $50 that Lakeland Toyota wanted $167 for.. WOW.. No Way. So the Rep hadn't called back yet and I called him. Oh we installed the Belt and you were right the weather strip is only $35 not $196...WhAT!!? They weren't authorized yet to do the work I didn't have $700 and I only went in for an oil change. Long story short the Rep did make it right concerning the belt and only charged me $75 installed instead of $240. However I found all the other parts online at CONSIDERABLY less than what Lakeland Toyota wanted and even found them at another Dealer actual Toyota parts. Online: A/C motor $117, cabin air filter $13, weather strip $15.... Watch how fast I put the motor in!! I love my Toyota Tundra I just don't trust my local dealer anymore! Toyota makes a great truck just wish they made trustworthy dealers as well. There is more to the story as well. Come to find out Lakeland Toyota has a Website that offers the parts for the same price I found them elsewhere but their service department is charging WAY OVER the MSRP to the local consumer .. not cool. Steer clear of Lakeland Toyota.. as of this posting they are rated C- on BBB