GTI Vs. R32

GTI: Catback, intake, running stock software

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VW Golf 3 VR6 vs VW Golf 4 R32 - 0-200 Km/h Acceleration Autobahn compare
VW Golf 3 VR6 vs VW Golf 4 R32 0 200 Acceleration Sound Onboard You can also find and follow me on: ►Facebook : ►Car Throttle : ►Motortalk : ►Twitter : Lamborghini | Ferrari | Bugatti | McLaren | Porsche | Maserati | Corvette .......and more Mercedes | BMW | Audi | Opel | VW .........and more Chrysler | Dodge | Ford | Cadillac ........and more Honda | Toyota | Nissan | Mitsubishi..........and more what do i love.... hmm Aventador M3 M4 M5 M6 C63 AMG RS P1 GTR Supra SOUND Exhaust G-Power NOVITEC LaFerrari Acceleration Burnout flames V8 V10 V12 and more SOUND SOUND SOUND :) ..... this list will never end :)

R32 vs S4
Not an actual race, but just cruising to hear each others Exhaust notes.

Fatal crash Golf 2.Turbo
Street racer films his own fatal crash Just because you drive a suped up Volkswagen with a bunch of racing stickers and a loud stereo doesn't actually qualify you to race a Porsche.

Girlfriend tries Launch Control in R32!
My girlfriend tries launch control in my Volkswagen R32. This is the 2008 VW R32. Haven't done anything special to it, other than new rims, winter tires and added an air intake. R32 in the snow: My Drone: My VLOG camera: My GoPro: My GoPro mic: Facebook: Snapchat: jeremysciarappa Twitter: Instagram: Support MY CHANNEL for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!): US: UK: DE: MUSIC WANTED! If you would like your music featured in my videos, then please private message me. Music: