12.35@ 114 LS1 Camaro

Trex Cam, 9 inch w/4.30, Textralia Clutch

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cammed LS1 Camaro drag racing
LS1 Camaro, cam only + DRs

Sick Speed Performance Cam Only LS1
Car built by www.SickSpeedPerformance.com unsure of the weight. It is 1994 chassis with a ls1 swapped into it. Stock untouched 241 cylinder heads with a stock bottom end.Driven by Chris Weslowski.Keep in mind the car was in 85* temps along with a +2000 DA. Hope you enjoy.

Camaro LS1 12.55 @ 111 mph
Trex cam, headers, loudmouth, 9 inch w/4.30 gear

LS1 self-destructs on the dyno! MASSIVE CARNAGE!
This was making an N/A pull before making a few Nitrous pulls. A rod bolt decided it didn't want to be a part of the engine anymore and caused the massive destruction you see in the video. https://www.facebook.com/BadBowtieProductions LS1 blows up BBP Bad Bowtie Productions