Lap around Le Mans full circuit in Spitfire 6

A lap around La Sarthe in a Triumph Spitfire 6 (2l).

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1968 Triumph Spitfire MK3 Restoration Project - Part 3 - Seats and door panels
Some do ground up restoration, others body off..... My Spitfire is getting restored Inside Out LOL. I said many times before that I don't have time for this project, but this doesn't mean it is not moving. See for yourself!

Triumph Vitesse Restoration Part 14 HOW TO HD 720
In this video I will be blasting, painting and rebuilding all of the running gear. Then I will be painting the chassis. The chassis was blasted, primed, and rebuilt, in video No 7 of this series. Calvin G Williams Scott Best

triumph spitfire
triumph spitfire

Legends Of Motorsport- Spitfires At Le Mans
Le Mans, 1964