Lap around Le Mans full circuit in Spitfire 6

A lap around La Sarthe in a Triumph Spitfire 6 (2l).

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Part 2 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Differential Removal, Opening, Repair
Part 1 Removed the differential, in part 2 I open it up to see whats clunking.This triumph Spitfire 1500 has 77,000+ miles on the engine, but unknown on the diff, I discovered it was swapped out 25 yrs ago. The Crown Wheel teeth look great, Some slight wear on the sun & planet wheel teeth, I think will not need replaced, but thrust washers will (too much end float). The right side inner drive shaft bearing was found to be the noise maker, but easily fixed. Oil seals, and carrier bearings will be replaced. The carrier shims have not worn, they were skuffed up from the refitting, just appeared to be worn, same with the pinion head spacer. Reason for NO preload on the diff (checked at the pinion nut) was to be normal break in of the pinion bearings, I was told these would start at 18 inch pounds but drop to 10, 5 or less over time ( I would remember this when setting up the new pre-loading, to set it at the upper limit so the break in period kept more torque at the end. (oops, that bit me in the butt) Some back lash to be corrected, by re-shimming carrier shim pacs. I better learn that formula for picking shims. (never did remember it, but the directions are in the book). ( editing and added more info 11 July 2015)

Driving Fast in Old Cars - Spitfire 1500
I navigate Aaron Brown in the 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 from the Haslemere Classic Car Show 2015 to Lasham Glider's Club and back. Includes bacon, vintage leather and beer. Vlog_001 Filmed 24th May 2015 Music Credit: Follow me on: Share this video:

Part 1 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Differential Removal, Opening, Repair
In this video, I go into detail on removing the Final/Differential Unit from my 79 Triumph Spitfire 1500. For safety reasons, a transmission jack would be better than my floor jack, might save you a finger or two when it hits the floor. In putting this video together I have moved the "rear road spring" segment forward where I would do it on the tear down, and that is why you will see it still in place on later segments. The reason for this tear down: I was hearing a rumble from the back of the car, mostly when in the corners, and also when coasting to a stop. I found the Right Inner Drive Shaft Bearing was bad, the left also needing replaced. I have the camera's mic on the case to let you hear the sound, but without the weight of the car, the rumble I heard will not be as while driving, as if dragging my thumb across my grand mother's wash board. I will tear down that bearing in my Part 2 video and go further into the differential for a look. I hope to test Rory's Differential Spreader, replacing the shims for the carrier.

Triumph Spitfire My first full restoration Video 1080p HD
Video shows full restoration of Triumph Spitfire MK IV. It was my first time when I restored such an old car so be forgiving. Greetings from Poland!