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2011 NHRA Divisionals @ Pacific Raceways

Here are some videos I took of my favorite cars. A lot of burnouts and some alcohol funny car and dragsters, along with a few nitro harleys. Enjoy!


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2011 Pacific Raceways Season Opener
Great turnout for the Pacific Raceways season opener!

2011 Pepsi Nightfire Nationals Nitro Warm Up Mix I
The Pre-Run Warm ups from: Mendy Fry John Hale Brad Thompson Dale Van Gundy Roger Garten Rick White Brett Harris

drag racing crashes
Drag Racing crashes from all around the world, mainly NHRA, ANDRA, IHRA. Disclaimer: I do not own the music and picture used in this video. All credits belongs to their real owners. No copyright infringement intended. Intro music created and composed by "Nick Phoenix / Thomas Bergersen - Heart of Courage (Choir)-Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell" Music played by Charlie Parra del Riego, so check his channel out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrKuOS3tBgI-kwq-QPkGtw

Lithuanian Drag Racing Championship 2014 in Palanga 2014 ( with Altered Fiat Topolino On-board)
Third stage of Lithuania Drag Racing Championship 2014 in 1000 km race circuit in Palanga.

Pacific Raceways road course TNT - 2012.02.04
Pacific Raceways road course test-n-tune from February 4th, 2012 Session 3: 00:10 Mustang FR500S heard starting up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7mH6MEtxpk -note that the white E92 M3 that passes me at around 12:45 starts behind me in the beginning. It takes him 12 minutes to catch up so he can pass. 01:00 following Mustang GT (includes warm up lap) .. some of my better laps from the day follow 06:20 still behind the Mustang GT as he starts passing slower cars 06:55 I yell at myself for waiting to long to get on the throttle :D 07:20 catch up to and pass red E30 07:50 can see the mk2 Golf (chumpcar). It takes me a couple of laps to be able to pass him. He eventually was running faster than me. 10:38 pass the Golf this lap by catching up to him through turns 2 and 3a/3b. 12:44 the white E92 M3 passes 14:00 catch up to the chipped mk5 GTI... I missed his first point to pass 14:45 highlights.. starting with later in Session 3 15:00 pass older Mustang Session 4 15:36 session 4's warm up lap. Let the 996 turbo and Golf R pass. I was trying to let the mk2 Golf follow to watch my line 16:22 the black Mustang GT passes.. follow it from turns 2 - 8 18:15 1M Coupe passes 18:25 C6 Corvette passes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x2Z9DWoOdI).. followed from turns 1 - 8 19:35 I went off at turn 8. This is my first time going off at any track.. it was completely my fault. I braked and turned too late. The straight-piped NSX passes afterward. I pulled off to have my tire temps measured, and the course was red-flagged afterward because the CTS-V had pulled off the track at turn 1 (see Corvette video above) Session 5 20:15 start of session 5's video 20:35 Golf R passes through turn 4.. follow through turn 8 21:50 blue E92 M3 passes at turn 7 .. catching up to the 968 22:38 passed the 968 23:30 catching up to the mk5 GTI 24:40 passed the GTI .. this was my fastest lap in this session 26:20 had to check my throttle in turn 6 to keep from going off 26:48 996 turbo passes, followed through 8 .. checkered flag and start of cool down The key of this video for me is how the slowest car on the track can keep up with most cars through the corners.. if not take the corners at higher speeds. The car does handle very well for what it is (a heavy FWD wagon), but this also points out how so many drivers rely on their car's power and not the handling. You'll see this throughout the video. This was during the "novice" group. People asked me to post up a video showing my line, so that's what the first 14 minutes or so is for. Some of my faster laps from the day are also in this part of the video. You'll also see many other cars including the new Golf R. I don't think it's too boring, as long as you're already used to watching track videos :D . This starts with the 3rd session of the day and then shows some highlights from the 4th and 5th session. The audio is horrible because the camera's cheap mic gets overwhelmed with the windows open at speed. You aren't missing engine noise.. the engine is too quiet. The car is a 2009 VW SportWagen TDI. My times were around 1:50 - 1:52 on this day when I got a clean lap (which wasn't often on this day). Information on the car is at: http://fakelag.net/wagon I reach 112mph at the end of the straight (between turns 1 & 2). I maintain around 65mph around turn and pass 90mph before braking into turn 3a. I get a little above 80mph before 5a, and I exit turn 6 at 70mph. I pass 80mph before braking into turn 8. I've yet to be able to surpass 1:50 with this car, though I'm sure it can be done. Big thanks to Carlo from TC Motorsports for helping me measure tire temperatures and determine some proper pressures.

Nitro Harley - High Light Elimination rd1 at the NHRA 20110619
BRISTOL, Tenn. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Nitro Harley at the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 11th annual Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals. Bike#-Rider-(Opp'nt)-RT-----ET---Speed ---------------------------------------------- 99 Mike Lehman 0.078 6.319 227.96 204 Randral Andras 0.114 6.777 215.03 ---------------------------------------------- 1 Jay Turner No Time 888 Damian Cownden 0.105 7.692 157.34 Turner broke right on the starting line. ---------------------------------------------- 5 Douglas Horne 0.022 6.359 229.86 2 Steve Dorn 0.040 6.381 212.83 This was a great drag race... ---------------------------------------------- 37 Tak Shigamatsu 0.018 6.570 208.42 46 Tommy Grimes 0.049 6.530 221.34 ---------------------------------------------- Grimes will face Horne in the next round and Lehman will face Cownden in the next round.

Lucas Coffey 11c Pro Mod Reneck Rumble '14 Go Pro
Ride Along with Lucas Coffey & passenger At 2014 Redneck Rumble In the Pro Mod Class

Pacific Raceways Test & Tune
From April 2014

Pacific Raceway June 21
Highlites from the first half of the day

Truck Fest 2013: Smokey Big Rigs Burnouts & Drag Racing Revealed
( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) When you think of a Big Rig Semi...you probably don't immediately think of drag racing...or do you? This weekend at Bandimere Speedway just outside of Denver, Colorado hundreds of Big Rig Semi trucks lined up on the drag strip to see which one is the kind of the mile high drag strip and which one is the fastest mile high pickup dragster. Can a big rig run a sub 20 second quarter mile? You bet. Can a big rig run a sub 15 mile....no problem. Can a Big Rig run a sub 10 second time? You'll have to watch the video to find out. In another fun and informative TFLtruck video we see what happens when the Big Rig Semi Trucks line up behind the Christmas Tree. Check us out on: Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/tfltruck ) Twitter: ( https://www.twitter.com/tfltruck ) and check out our car videos on YouTube at: The Fast Lane Car ( http://www.youtube.com/user/romanmicagearguy )

trackday at pacific raceways
Pacific Raceways

Troy Coughlin tests the Jegs Pro Mod Turbo Camaro
Troy Coughlin brought the Jegs turbocharged '68 Camaro Pro Mod to US 131 Motorsports Park for some pre-Indy testing.

Pacific Raceways , June 21 , 2014
Afternoon action from the track

Drag Racing 4th of July at Alaska Raceway Park
A small compilation of runs from 4th of July 2011 drag racing at Alaska Raceway Park. This vid has runs from Top Dragster door cars & diggers, Top Sportsman, Top Eliminator and Nitro Funny cars. John Dixon, Ralph Bieter, Toni Prockish, Jay Childs, Harris Racing team, Alaskan Grizzly & Spare Parts and more.

Don Kitch Explains the Pacific Raceways Track
Don Kitch of ProFormance Racing School is guiding me around the Pacific Raceways track near Kent, WA. It was my first track day as part of the "Intro to Sport Driving" Class. I was driving my Porsche Boxster S (981) in convoy with an almost brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (991). This video shows me driving in the lead driving twice around, with Don explaining the best line and providing some feedback on my driving.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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