Infineon 1/4 Drag in King Cobra - Forza 4 (Oct 17)

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Forza 4 Fastest Car (356mph) (04 STi)
Here is my 04 STi that has been tuned for top end speed. I will be uploading a tune set up later. This will ensure your 04 STi has the top end speed of 362mph (If not more, still tweaking it) and stability. The tune will come out privately to my subscribers. COMMENTS REMOVED DUE TO RETARDED PEOPLE MAKING RETARDED COMMENTS. UPDATE: VIDEO WITH THE TUNE WAS CREATED AND WILL BE UPLOADED SOON. STAY TUNED.

Forza Motorsport 4: Drag Race Tuning
Hope you can use this as a baseline to your tuning. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, and subscribe! TWITTER:

Forza 4 Drag Race Bugatti Vs Koenigsegg Vs SSC Vs Saleen HD
drag race on the top gear track, bugatti Veyron, vs koenigsegg agera vs ssc ultimate aero vs saleen s7, developer turn 10 studios, publisher microsoft game studios

Forza 4 | DRAG RACE - Ep.5
Hello Everybody! This is Forza 4 Drag Race I will be doing a series of drag races testing out different cars. Leave a thumbs up for feedback or favorite, comment, and subscribe! -Game Default