'65 Falcon - 7 second 1/4 mile

7 second 1/4 mile, fast!

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429 Big Block Ford Build, Cam Break in and Camming
429 Ford Big Block from 71' lincoln ThunderBird, 4U Forged Crank, Speed Pro Forged Std. bore Pistons, Taylor Solid Core ignition wires, Malory Distributor with msd ignition box, Comp Cams Roller Tip 1.6 Rockers, Lunati Tabboo Big Hump 4th stage Cam 07161 225/225 108 l/s, Flow Tech Pushrods, DOVE-C 74cc Heads with Stainless Steel valves and hardened valve seats, AeroMotive 900 gph Nascar Fuel pump with regulator all 12-n Stainless Braided fuel hoses.. Reloaded due to music conflict with you tube.

1970 Chevy Nova - 7 sec 1/4 mile run
1970 Nova - Naturally aspirated

1/4 mile in a 7 second Street Outlaw Mustang
What does a 1/4 mile run look like in a Street Outlaw Mustang in the 7's? Ride along with Nitto's sponsored driver John Urist to find out.

Galaxy DX 94HP COLT - Rino (TN)
Echo COLT completamente regolabile Beep COLT Rielaborazione modulatore Rielaborazione stadio finale MicroVentola supersilent interna termostatata