1999 Ford Ranger has grease fittings???

i was doing a tire rotation and i saw these guys on my suspension. yes there were grease fittings, i got out the grease gun and pumped em up so she's riding smooth now, the rubber things were bone dry

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How to Grease Joints with no grease fittings
How to Grease Joints with no grease fittings. If you need to grease a ball joint or tie-rod end and it has no grease fitting, there is a way to grease the non-greaseable joints. What to use is a needle adapter on the grease gum. The needle adapter can get grease into almost any area that a typical grease gun can not reach. Just simply insert the needle adapter under the grease boot and fill the grease boot with grease. The main reason OEM ball joints and tie rod ends fail is because they are permanently greased from the factory and there is no way to add grease if they get dry of grease. Using a needle adapter on a grease gun will enable you to grease those supposedly permanently greased joints that do not have grease (zerk) fittings installed. Grease,grease a ball joint or tie-rod end,needle adapter on a grease gun,add grease,car repair,car maintenance,Grease Fitting,grease a ball joint or tie-rod end and it has no grease fitting,fix your your car,make your car last,avoid unnecessary car repairs

Tie Rod and front suspension grease job - 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3L 2x4
I show the locations of the grease nipples or Zerk fittings on the front suspension of a rear wheel drive truck. All you need is a grease gun, grease, and a flexible hose attachment for the grease gun. Fill them up until you see the balloon expand. I've read that you can fill them up until a small amount of grease comes out the bottom... But you should only fill until it is just about to come out. Lemme know if u got questions!

How to Silence a Squeaky Ball Joint
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Fixing the rangers squeakyball joints.
The ranger was making a lot of noise, while going down the road, and when I turned the wheels. Turned out to be dry ball joints. The truck came from the dealer new without a single grease fitting. This video shows how to fix that, by installing your own grease fittings, if your ball joints are not wore, this is a cheap fix for this problem.Hope this helps someone out and enjoy !