1999 Ford Ranger has grease fittings???

i was doing a tire rotation and i saw these guys on my suspension. yes there were grease fittings, i got out the grease gun and pumped em up so she's riding smooth now, the rubber things were bone dry

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Tie Rod and front suspension grease job - 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3L 2x4
I show the locations of the grease nipples or Zerk fittings on the front suspension of a rear wheel drive truck. All you need is a grease gun, grease, and a flexible hose attachment for the grease gun. Fill them up until you see the balloon expand. I've read that you can fill them up until a small amount of grease comes out the bottom... But you should only fill until it is just about to come out. Lemme know if u got questions!

How to Silence a Squeaky Ball Joint
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HowTo Replace upper and lower balljoints on a 2002 ford ranger
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