04 Colorado Vs 06 GTO

My 04 Chevy Colorado 3.5 I5 Auto Intake/Exhaust/Traction Bars vs a 06 Pontiac GTO LS2 M6 Intake/Cammed/Tuned/Headers/Exhaust My time 16.10 his 13.01 yeah I got spanked

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Colorado/Canyon North East Super Meet 2008 Tunnel Video
Tunnel video from the 2008 Colorado/Canyon North East Meet

WRX vs. Colorado THE MOVIE!
2002 Wrx (2.0 turbo) vs. 2004 Chevy Colorado (3.5L inline 5)

colorado ss
colorado ss

2006 GTO - HPE S-Cam
430rwhp GTO HPE S-Cam SLP LT Headers with Flowmaster Hushpower II mufflers DBA Slotted and Drilled rotors (I told you I'd get new rotors!) 19" AZA Z-1 (Staggered) Check out my other vids for more details.