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Alpine PXA-H800 & IVA-D800 Premium Sound System

Alpine PXA-H800 & IVA-D800 Premium Sound System promotion movie


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Alpine PXE-H660 installation on 2007 Toyota Camry
This video covers the installation and calibration on Alpine's PXE-H660.

Car Audio 101 - Battery Tutorial
DIY with Mike Stiers http://www.maxxsonics.com Study this tutorial and get the most out of your car audio investment by understanding your electrical system. It takes power to make power and if you don't have it, you will not get rated power from your amp and you decrease reliability. Back to Basics -- Car Audio 101 By Mike Stiers So you've decided to upgrade your car stereo system? A great deal of research and planning should go into this purchase since there is a lot to consider. Do you desire a nice upgrade of your factory speakers, are you looking for a Sound Quality overall of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers, or are you designing a vision-blurring SPL machine? It is important to make a list of exactly what you are looking to replace or add to your audio system so that you can prepare your electrical system for the investment to come. Many people do not realize that their vehicles' factory electrical system was not designed for aftermarket audio equipment. In fact, most factory electrical systems can only handle an audio system of 600 to 1200 watts. The lower end of the scale being the smaller vehicles and most foreign rides, and the upper end being large trucks and sport utility vehicles. As you increase demand, you need to look at upgrading your battery, alternator and most importantly your "Big 3." BATTERY The battery provides reserve to the engine during starting, discharges current to accessories, acts as a buffer between the alternator and all accessories and after market audio equipment, as well as powers everything active in your vehicle when the vehicle is off but in the Accessory (ACC) position on the ignition. Your battery or batteries are extremely important in determining what aftermarket audio equipment can be added and survive in your application. As the demand becomes too great for the alternator and the voltage begins to drop, the battery is relied on for its' reserve power until the demand is reduced and the alternator can recover. This is why batteries are commonly rated in several ways. The most common rating is Amp Hour (AH) rating. This is a unit of measurement for battery capacity, obtained by multiplying a current flow in amperes by the time in hours of discharge. (Example: A battery which delivers 5 amperes for 20 hours delivers 5 amperes times 20 hours, or 100 ampere-hours. So, this 100AH battery can supply 5 amps per hour for 20 hours before dropping to 10.5volts. At 10.5volts, the battery is fully discharged.) Since manufacturers use different discharge periods to establish their own AH rating, Reserve Capacity is relied on heavily in the industry to simplify battery selection. Reserve Capacity is the number of minutes a battery can maintain a useful voltage under a 25 ampere discharge. The higher the minute rating, the greater the battery's ability to run all of your electronics for a longer period before recharging is necessary. Deep Cycle batteries are different than starting batteries because they have been specially designed for multiple complete discharges without losing reserve capacity, but Cranking batteries will lose reserve capacity quickly with repeated hard discharges. This is why Deep Cycle batteries are ideal for the high demand of aftermarket car audio amplifiers. Once you have determined the audio equipment you are interested in for your purchase, you should contact a reputable battery manufacturer for their recommended battery based on total wattage in the aftermarket audio system. This could mean a simple replacement of your factory battery or adding additional batteries depending on what you have planned for your amplifiers. Powered by Maxxsonics MB Quart Hifonics Crunch Autotek

Overheating Alpine PXA-H800 DSP
Diagnosing a problem with an overheating Alpine PXA-H800 DSP. I've only seen a few mentions of issues like this on DIYMA, so I thought I would document the problem in case someone else had the same issue.

SSV Street Sound & Vision - Alpine BMW X1 Custom Audio Demo Car
The newly released Alpine BMW X1 Demo Car in the showroom at SSV Street Sound & Vision Keilor Park. Built by Phatt Audio Concepts (PAC). Alpine Type-R Shallow Subs, PDX Amplifiers. PXA-H800

How Many Batteries do I need (part 1) ???
Battery requirements for a car audio system

Alpine PXA H701 Multimedia Manager
This video is prepared for all that want to take a look at famous H701 surround sound processor before buying it. You may see all in and out ports, the way it looks, you can even see the main board built quality at the end. Please share your thoughts on H700 beneath this video

Alpine Schweiz - Car HiFi Dealer Meeting 2011
Pictures and Impressions of the Alpine Suisse Dealer Meeting 2011. http://www.Alpine.ch About 50 Alpine Dealers met at the Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel to see and "feel" the new Alpine Car HiFi products 2011. Alpine has some great new car audio and media products. The INA-WQ910R is a all-in-one navigation system with great audio and video possibilities and a 7" WVGA Display. The parking/camera System HCE-C300R and especially for the BMW X5 the HCE-C500X5 has some new techniques for a 360 degree view around your car. And they showed the brand new audio processor PXA-H800. This new Alpine Sound Module replaces all other sound processors Alpine offered untiil now. And there is a new Subwoofer - the Type-R Flat subwoofer. And this big Subwoofer is really flat... The new Showcar of Horn Distribution, a Fiat 500 Cup with all the brand new Alpine products in it was a Highlight. Just watch the Video. Awesome Car! The other Cars are 2 BMWs: one with a Alpine Sound System in the back. And a BMW X5 with the new Car Navigation System HCE-C500X5. After all we have been invited by Alpine to the "Runway 34" Restaurant at the Zuerich Airport. This Restaurant was build around a russian Plane, an " Ilyushin IL-14". More Information: http://www.HornDistribution.ch http://www.Alpine.ch Photography: Rod Meier, http://www.Model-Space.de Musik: Licensed for Rod Meier: Artist: 504 Productions, Song: I am free. ************************************************************ DEUTSCH Bilder und Impressionen vom Alpine Händlermeeting Schweiz 2011 http://www.Alpine.ch Ca. 50 Alpine Händler aus der Schweiz haben sich zum im Hilton Zürich Airport Hotel getroffen um die neuen Democars und Car HiFi Produkte von Alpine für 2011 zu sehen. Die neuen Alpine Car Audio und Multimedia Produkte: INA-WQ910R, das All-in-One Car Navigations-System mit sehr guten Audio und Videofunktionen und einem 7" Display. Das Kamera/Parksystem HCE-C300R und speziell für den BMW X5 das HCE-C500X5 mit 360 Grad Rundumsicht. Der neue Audio Prozessor PXA-H800, der alle bisherigen Alpine Soundprozessoren in einem Gerät ablösen soll und der Subwoofer "Type-R Flat", der für einen Subwoofer dieser größe wirklich sehr flach gebaut ist. Das neue Showcar von Horn Distribution, ein Fiat 500 Cup, sehr aufwendig umgebaut und mit allen aktuellen Alpine Geräten versehen. Die anderen Autos sind ein BMW mit Soundanlage im kofferraum - ohne das Kofferraumvolumen zu vermindern und der BMW X5 mit dem Car Navigation System HCE-C500X5. Nach den Präsentationen waren wir alle im "Runway 34" Restaurant am Flughafen Zürich eingeladen. Das besondere an diesem Restaurant: Es wurde um ein russisches Flugzeug, eine " Ilyushin IL-14" herum gebaut. Mehr Information: http://www.HornDistribution.ch http://www.Alpine.ch Photography: Rod Meier, http://www.Model-Space.de Musik: Licensed for Rod Meier: Artist: 504 Productions, Song: I am free. Channel of 504 Productions: http://youtube.com/504Pro Tags: Alpine Händlermeeting 2011 Car Hifi "Car Hifi" Media "Fiat 500" Fiat Cup Showcar Democar BMW Navigation INA-W910R HCE-C300R HCE-C500X5 PXA-H800 Processor Sound PDX Tuning Tuner Xpower PMX Speaker "BMW X5" Subwoofer Type-R "Type-R Flat" Zürich Hilton Airport "Runway 34" Restaurant Fotograf "Rod Meier" Fotoshooting Ulm Horn Distribution Cars audio system bass music musik auto "Horn Distribution" electronics 2012

Alpine IVA-W505 Review
Pretty Tired when i did this video. I ended up totaling the car on jan 3 2009 and my iphone went into the screen. It still worked but I needed a new screen so I ended up giving it with the car. Awesome deck for the month and half I had it. I'll buy another one soon.

Alpine IVE-W530BT
Introducing Alpine's latest 2-DIN Mobile Media Station. The IVE-W530BT will play all your favourite videos, including iPod and DivX files via USB, and DVD-V/DivX/MP3/WMA/AAC. You get brilliant video playback from the WVGA display with Visual EQ. You can further expand your system with a DVB-T tuner and the NVE-M300P Navigation Module. The units supports Dual Zone, which means that you passengers in the rear seats can watch DVD while you listen to radio. All of that comes at an affordable price!

2011 CES Alpine Demo Car (Short Clip)
Alpine's new demo car

Видеообзор автомагнитолы Alpine CDA-117Ri
Видеообзор автомагнитолы Alpine CDA-117Ri. Оформить заказ можно через сайт нашего магазина http://avtocar.kh.ua . Доставка по всем городам и населённым пунктам Украины. Відеоогляд автомагнітоли Alpine CDA-117Ri. Оформити замовлення можна через сайт нашого магазину http://avtocar.kh.ua. Доставка по всіх містах і населених пунктах України. Videoreview Alpine CDA-117Ri. You can place your order through our website store http://avtocar.kh.ua. Delivery to all cities and towns of Ukraine.

INA-W910: Complexity Is Overrated
Introducing the INA-W910 flagship in-dash double-DIN receiver. This unit has everything built-in so your audio, video, and navigation needs will be totally satisfied. Using the navigation function to get around town or navigating through your music library just got easier. With Alpine things are easy, so complexity is overrated.

Alpine IVA-D511RB Custom Fit Mazda 6
Alpine IVA-D511RB installed in Mazda 6 '03 with Beat-Sonic AOK-09 kit. With this kit, your stock cd player and info display remain fully functional. http://www.world-beatsonic.com/adapter/?bland_id=5

Alpine UTE-42BT 2013 Model Head Unit Review
This is a quick review of my newly installed Alpine UTE-42BT. Its installed in my 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5. I go in depth in the video as you can see but to sum it up this is a very good buy! Is packed with a lot of features that have usually been in higher end models in the past. This is brand new for 2013 and features Alpine's new design.

Alpine 2011 MRX Amps.flv
Alpine 2011 MRX new amplifiers !

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