Honda S2000 AP1 vs. 350Z vs. MazdaSpeed3

S2000 AP1 ( intake, full skunk2 Exhaust ) vs. 350Z ( unknown mods ) vs. MazdaSpeed3 ( intake )

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350z vs Modded AP1 S2k
This gave me a chance to truely test the limits of my 3 Suction Cup style external/internal camera mount. Race against a friend of a friends lightly modded S2k.

08 Mazdaspeed 3 vs s2k race 1 of 2
Video was shot back in 2010 . My speed 3 has since been stolen . i miss her . but love my subie now ! watch in hd ! race 1 of 2 . i beat him both times . my speed was basically stock at the time except intake and Exhaust .

350z vs Mazdaspeed3 1/4 mile
350z auto with i/e vs Speed3 (stock)

Full- Race Civic Si vs. S2000 PTE
Civic si - Full- Race GT3076R Kit tuned by soxfan 15psi S2000 ap1 - Some turbo kit with PTE 6765 tuned by RSTECH 16psi