USA EAST Big Rigs Pulling Series, Crawford County Fair. Meadville, PA

USA East brings the big rigs pulling series to the Crawford County Fair in Meadville Pennsylvania. 5 trucks competed for a $7,000 purse...

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60 000 HP "Shockwave" FIRST JET RACE EVER in MI!
A dragrace between the two Shockwave jet trucks at the 131 drag strip in Martin Michigan! Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen and

PPL 2015: Hot Rod Semis pulling in Oak Harbor, OH
Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League 2015 Ottawa County Fair Pull Oak Harbor, OH July 25, 2015 Mac Trailer Hot Rod Semis 1. CLASS ACT - JOE HOFFA - 393.37 2. SHAMELESS - MIKE LARIBEE - 354.24 3. BUILT FOR BUSINESS - TOM LINDSEY - 347.90 4. BROCKASAURUS - JOE METZGER - 339.28 5. BAD ATTITUDE - WILLIAM MILLER - 339.07 6. BAD DOG - GREG DEAN - 332.62 7. BLACK SHEEP - LOU SHAKLIN - 329.68 8. BAD ADDICTION - W.T. MILLER - 323.91 9. RED HOT & ROLLIN - DANA LINDSEY - 317.47 10. HILLBILLY DELUXE - MARK ROOK - 288.61 11. MAXIMUS PRIME 2 - DALE FRANCIS - 282.98 12. MAXIMUS PRIME 1 - RICHARD BONNER - 272.89 Subscribe to the Pro Pulling Magazine Since its inception in 2005, the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League has taken the sport of truck and tractor pulling to new heights. The organization has 10 different member state organizations with over 1,000 competing members and holds over 250 events annually nationwide. Premier Champions Tour events, can be seen on CBS, NBC Sports and MAVTV. For more information regarding the events, go to

Nadměrný náklad Hradec Králové - Mělník
Přeprava nadměrného nákladu z Hradce Králové do Mělníku. Podsouvání nákladu pod mostem a mýtnou branou. Následné opětovné naložení a překládka nadrozměrného nákladu na říční člun v přístavu Mělník.

Tractorpulling - Best of Crash USA
Tractorpulling - Best of Crash USA Edition. A compilation of the most spectacular pulling crashes from the USA! This is the very first edition of the USA. Please note this video is only for educational purposes, nobody got seriously injured during any of these crashes. Only small portions of Videos have been used, therefore these Clips are under the Copyright Law 107 of Fair Use. Video credits: 94onspray Hadley Hutchison pechacek4250 Ryan Zoellick VogelManufacturing 3DMachines Brett Duncan Wrench Moran Bruce Haggerty Daniel Bélisle Immayer1 Klayton Reed Matt Heeren midttnflyer MrChevyfan87 Jim Roth Colin Nobles inventor wade1021 260Ryan Wyman2016 jason keller Bryan Davis mopar92 powerhungrytoo hammondw Kevin .King Mike Less Matt Jorgensen 19mg94 Drew Fetters