Car Saved from hitting the wall at The World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic

The World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic

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Chuck's SAVE OF THE YEAR - Death Trap Mustang!!!
The top STREET OUTLAWS showed up at Outlaw Armageddon's NO-PREP race at Thunder Valley Raceway.... this race proved to be a VERY challenging for some. With zero traction compound laid down all weekend, it was super slippery in some spots. Chuck Seitsinger, owner & driver of "THE DEATH TRAP" Mustang made the craziest save we've seen all year, NARROWLY missing his opponent crossing in front of him, then BARELY missing the wall... both by inches! BIG props to Davis Magnum, the driver of the LUCIFER Nitrous Outlet powered Mustang who controlled his car JUST barely giving Chuck enough room to sqeeze by! Great driving all around. -------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

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