1949 BRM 16 cyl 1.5 litre supercharged

From Goodwood revival 2008

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BRM V16 Engine Sound
The awesome engine sound from the BRM V16. A formula one car that was used in the 50s

"British Racing Motors" H-16, moteur d'exeption, audace technique hors norme.

Goodwood 2008 BRM V16
This is as long as I could manage recording before the physical pain in my ears got too much! He never quite gets it going on song but it still sounds phenomenal. You feel this noise as much as hear it.

BRM 1955 v16 the most dangerous car
The British Racing Motors V16 was a supercharged 1.5 litre (90.8 cu in) V-16 cylinder racing engine built by British Racing Motors (BRM) for competing in Formula One motor racing. Designed in 1947 and raced until 1954-55, it produced 600 bhp (450 kW) at 12,000 rpm, although test figures from Rolls-Royce suggested that the engine would be able to be run at up to 14,000rpm. Despite being exceptionally powerful for the time, the engine initially proved a disappointment, possessing poor reliability at first so that cars either Did Not Start or Failed To Finish races. In the 1952 Formula One season, after BRM withdrew their V16 engined cars before a race in Turin whilst attempting to enlist Juan Manuel Fangio, leaving only Ferrari as the main contestants with no effective competition, the racing organisers abandoned the Formula One series, running the remaining year's races as Formula Two.