1949 BRM 16 cyl 1.5 litre supercharged

From Goodwood revival 2008

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The Sound of BRM V16 (In-Cabin clip included)
The Sound of BRM V16 F1 car. This was and still is a truly amazing car and motor. Built in the late 1940's and early 1950's, the motor was an approximately 1.5 liter(1487.76 CC) V16 fed by a Supercharger peaking at 5.7 bar(82.7 PSI) of Boost and revving to an astounding 12,000 RPMs and producing approximately 600 peak HP. I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful sounding engine I have ever come across. Some of the pictures in the video are not of the actual BRM V16 engine itself or the same car producing these amazing sounds, so please do not use those pictures as basis for comment on the motor design or layout. I personally favor the In-Car portion of this video which starts at about 3:05.

BRM V16 Engine Sound
The awesome engine sound from the BRM V16. A formula one car that was used in the 50s

Ferrari 512 M pure sound V12 : Spa-Francorchamps [HD]
This is the Ferrari 512M with his 5l V12 engine for 550hp An ex-Jacky Ickx Ferrari Best time: 2:36.659 Spa Six Hours 2012 Meeting (Masters Sports Cars) Video By Max VDB ©Max VDB

Cizeta v16 revving up at BOFI 2009
At the Best of France and Italy car show, Van Nuys CA Nov 1st 2009. The Cizeta has a huge 16 cylinder engine and the owner is showing off the noise it makes.