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Kananaskis Rally Test Day - eagle Talon awd

August5/2009 AWD eagleTalon Driven By CraigRoss Co-Driver Jennifer Daly


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Rally Crash Compilation 2014 Part 2
Rally Crashes, Mistakes, Fail and Show. Pure engine sound. Video by MaxxSport.pl

Rallying around in an eagle talon, in Alberta, Canada, after torrential rain fall... The talon is pretty much stock, with some free-mods and a cold air intake and hitting 140+ KPH -- it was pretty mad fun! Just wish I had Block's old subie..

Mitsubishi Eclipse Eagle Talon TSI DSM FUlly Built Turbo AWD Drift Cyclones Burnout Launch
Mitsubishi Eclipse Eagle Talon TSI DSM FUlly Built turbo AWD Drift Cyclones Burnout Launch

Eagle Talon Tsi Rally
Rallying some back roads in my awd talon

Turbo AWD Eagle Talon DRAG CAR - Magnus
Marco @ Magnus Motorsports and his turbo AWD Talon, quarter mile drag car. http://www.YouTube.com/GuelphRacing http://www.Facebook.com/GuelphRacing http://www.GuelphRacing.com http://www.CSCS.ca

1997 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 16G Turbo 23 PSI Driving on the highway
My friend and I going for a drive in his 1997 AWD Eagle Talon with a turbo. He's running about 23 lbs of Boost making around 350+ WHP. You can hear the waste gate open as he gets into the Boost. This engine was completely rebuilt by the privious owner. Rear seats have been removed, as well as some of the carpeting. A strut brace is where the seats once were. This car also features Sparco bucket seats but no race harness :(. Exterior, mostly stock except for a carbon fiber hood and matte black painted factory wheels. This was filmed in Pittsburgh, PA on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition on 1080p @60FPS

John Shepherd's 1G Talon Runs and Slowmo Launch at 2011 DSM / EVO Shootout
A compilation of John's Shepherd's 2 runs in his 1g talon at the 2011 DSM / EVO Shootout with slow motion launch.

Eagle Talon AWD Turbo Upgrade - Part Two
In this episode, we finish the T3 based PTE 6266 turbo upgrade on my DSM. After getting all of the parts bolted in, we go for a road test to get the initial ECMLink tune nailed down. You can see a complete modification list and many more photos and details at http://talon.turbomirage.com Join me on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/tomsturbogarage For more details on my DIY water alcohol injection setup, please visit http://www.turbomirage.com/water Thanks for watching! -Tom Disclaimer The content provided in this video is for informational use only. Video content is provided at the viewers own risk and the viewer will not hold the parties involved in creating, producing or delivering this information liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from any errors in or omissions from the information. Thanks for understanding.

The RED DEMON - 8 Second Talon
The Boostin' Performance RED DEMON dominating the Gangster class at KOTS X... This car is NO JOKE, nearly 1000hp to the wheels and with low 8 second E/T's... it's no wonder it KILLED the game and finally represented the AWD cars at KOTS! Congrats on the win guys.

Rally America 100 Acre Woods 2009 DSM Turbo Talon Paris Rally
Best DSM Rally Video Ever!!!!!

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD commercial
Renegade biker "Porkchop" gives his review of the new 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD.

Rally new york ,October 24 2009 Part 1
1 William Petrow Jeremy Neyhart Subaru Impreza WRX 2000 Broken Motorsports/ Team Broken Racing NY Pr AWD Pr AWD&GN 2 Michael Cosgrove John O Reilly Mitsubishi Eclipse 1997 T&G Relocation and a few more NY PPM AWD Pr AWD&GN 3 Paul Ferreira Oscar Simsek Acura RSX 1998 Performance Friction, UUC, Gear X NY 2WD 2WD 4 Michael Reilly Josh Benthien 2002 Ford 2000 Synaptic 3 NY Pr 2WD Pr 2WD 5 Simon Wright Kieran Wright Ford Focus 2000 USUK Racing NY 2WD 2WD 6 Dan Brosnan Shane McCann Nissan Sentra 1598 Mayo Group NY 2WD 2WD 7 Tom Barton Brian R. Barton Mazda Zoom Zoom 1800 NY 2WD 2WD 8 Greg Healey Brian Johnson Datsun 280Z 3000 Stahlman's Auto Repair, E. Greenbush, NY NY 2WD 2WD 9 Matt Gottlieb Austin Gager Subaru Impreza WRX 2000 Team Broken and Hartwood Appraisals NY Pr AWD Pr AWD&GN 10 Michael Hall Dave Stockdill Mitsubishi Mighty Max 3000 NY 2WD 2WD 11 Michael O'Leary John O'Leary Mitsu EVO IV 2000 NY AWD AWD 12 Keith Jackson Marra Estep Subaru STi 3000 JacksonRally / DirtyImpreza.com NY AWD AWD 13 Daniel O'Brien Brendan McCabe Subaru Impreza 2500 Midtown Concrete Corp, MC&O Contracting NY AWD AWD 14 Ken Block Alex Gelsomino Ford Escort Mk II 2000 Monster Energy , DC Shoes NY 2WD 2WD 15 Jason Smith Erika Detota Subaru Impreza 2500 Pitcrewskateboards.com NY AWD AWD 16 James McKiernan TBA Subaru Impreza STI 3000 Midtown Concrete Corp NY AWD AWD 17 Maciej Przybysz Kristin Przybysz Subaru Impreza 2000 Somerset Subaru NY AWD AWD 18 Thomas Lawless Brian Sharkey Mitsubishi Evo IX 2000 Kiss Construction NY AWD AWD 19 Martin Shekleton TBA Honda Civic 2000 Kurland realty NY 2WD 2WD 20 Martin Donnelly Stephen Duffy Mitsubishi EVO 9 1999 Eire Concrete NY AWD AWD 21 Wojtek Al Kulpa Adam Pelc VW Golf GTI 2000 NY 2WD 2WD 22 Celsus Donnelly TBA Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 1999 Celsus Donnelly NY AWD AWD 23 Shawn Hudspeth Jennifer Hudspeth Eagle Talon AWD 2000 ADI NY Pr AWD Pr AWD&GN 24 Josh Wimpey Jeremy Wimpey VW GTi 1984 Delta-V and NGP Racing NY 2WD 2WD 25 Enda McCormack Tommy Doyle Mitsubshi Evo 9 2000 McCormack Contracting Inc NY AWD AWD 26 Otis Dimiters TBA Subaru Impreza WRX STi 1994 NC Rally NY AWD AWD 27 Justin Carven TBA Volkswagen Rabbit 2000 Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems NY 2WD 2WD 28 Mark Galperin Alex Khmel VW Golf GTI 2000 NY Pr 2WD Pr 2WD 29 Jani Paasonen Mika Rajasalo Subaru Impreza 1994 NCRALLY, NORTH COAST SUBARU NY AWD AWD 30 Seamus Burke John Buffum Mitsubishi EVO 9 2000 Shamrock Building Systems Inc NY AWD AWD 31 Joseph Burke TBA Subaru 2000 Kearney Excavation NY AWD AWD 32 Robert Martai Zsanett Fabian Mitsubishi Evo X 2000 NY Pr AWD Pr AWD&GN 33 Michael Gillespie Brian Kirby Ford Escort Mk2 2000 NY 2WD 2WD

WRC Rally Finland 2014 - Motorsportfilmer.net
The video from Rally Finland has plenty of jumps and action this year, Sébastien Chardonnet had a close call at Lankamaa almost scraping the door handles on the ground! The podium ceremony is also included. Stages in this video are Laajavuori, Lankamaa, Pihlajakoski, Painaa, Päijälä, Mökkiperä, Surkee and Ruuhimäki

Eagle Talon eats ditch at 100 Acre Woods
An Eagle Talon misjudges the hairpin at Spectator Point B, day 2 of the '09 100AW Rally in and around Salem, MO. He ends up with his front end buried in a drainage ditch.

Buschur Racing 350 EVO VS Eagle Talon TSI AWD
The last race of the night ended up being the best and what a way to end the evening. This car is a Mitsubishi EVO. This car is no regular EVO, it has been equipped with the Buschur Racing 350 package. Here is a little break down from BR's website. Overview Power hungry? Then you're going to love this. Introducing the BR350 Evolution 8, brought to you by Buschur Racing and Medina Mitsubishi. Here is a sedan that can blast to 60 mph in less that 4 seconds. If you think the stock Evo 9 is impressive, you haven't seen anything yet—350 hp and 355 ftlb of torque. If you crave raw power, then the BR350 is for YOU! Specifications ENGINEERING Engine Type: Inline four cylinder Displacement 122 cm3 horsepower: 350 hp at 6500 rpm Torque: 355 ft lb at 3500 rpm Speed 0-60 mph: 3.9 seconds Speed 1/4 mile: 12.6 at 110 mph Performance Starting with an already impressive sedan the BR350 package propels the Evo 9 into super car status. This optional performance package will not only drop your 0-60 mph times from 4.7 seconds to 3.9 seconds it will also drop your ¼ mile times from 13.4 at 104 mph to an amazing 12.6 seconds at 110 mph! You will also lose some weight, taking an additional 55 pounds from the cars already lightweight design. Impressed with the cars stock horsepower and torque levels? How about an additional 74 horsepower and 74 foot pounds of torque bringing the Evo 9 to 350 horsepower and 355 foot pounds of torque! You'll find this is more than enough to take yourself and 4 of your friends to dinner......very quickly. Overview With the BR350 being the big brother to the BR330, of course means more modifications and more bang for your buck. The following is a complete list of the modifications done to the BR350. BR 2.5" Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel Downpipe BR 3" Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust BR Air Filter Kit Oil Pan Heat Shield BR Polished Exhaust Manifold Heatshield BR Spark Plug Cover BR 2.5" Upper Intercooler Pipe w/ stock BOV BR Mini Battery Kit Ported Exhaust Manifold Ported Turbine Housing Ported 02 Housing More on this can be found on Buschur Racings site here. http://www.buschurracing.com/br-evo-350.htm All night I was having great success with my reaction times BUT I jumped the gun on this one. Even though I red lighted, this was the closest and most joyful run of the night. I started out by jumping the gun :( Even though I got the jump on the BR 350 he quickly regained that ground and more. Looking at the time slip, the EVO had me beat from the start by three tenths. I left the line 3 tenths before the EVO and he caught up to me by the 60 foot!!!! This was a great run and I only started making up ground on the top end but it was not enough. I hope that you enjoy this video and if the Owner of this car would like to come back out to VMP, I would love a friendly rematch without a red light on my behalf :) Enjoy!!!

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1992 Eagle Talon Tsi: 7.961 @ 171.100
Kevin Jewer, Engine: 2.0 4G63, Turbos: Forced Performance 99HTZ Tires: MT 29.5 x 10.5

1990 Eagle Talon tsi: 7.976 @ 179.060
john shepherd, Engine: 2.2L, Turbos: T4 Garret turbo built by Forced Performance Tires: Hoosier DOT 26X8X16

1991 Eagle Talon : 8.802 @ 155.900
Kevin Jewer, Engine: 4g63, Turbos: Borg Warner S475 & Garrett T3 50 Trim

1991 Eagle Talon Talon Tsi RWD: 8.960 @ 149.910
Scott Glassbrook, Engine: 2.3 liter 4g63, Turbos: GT4202 Tires: M/T

1991 Eagle Talon TSi Awd: 10.460 @ 137.800
Susio Ranna, Engine: 2.0L Mitsubishi 4g63, Turbos: ported/clipped 20g

91 Eagle Talon : 10.720 @ 131.020
John Shepherd, Turbos: 20g Tires: nitto

1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD: 10.721 @ 138.080
Mike, Engine: 2.0L 4G63, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Precision GT3582R Tires: 215-45-17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3

1990 Eagle Talon TSi FWD: 10.727 @ 142.120
Rob McKellar, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: Precision 56

1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD: 10.806 @ 133.150
Nate Burgess, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: T-3 61mm

1992 Eagle Talon TSI AWD: 10.846 @ 127.850
Loren Hill, Engine: 2.3l, Turbos: FP3065 Tires: 235/45-17

1995 Eagle Talon Tsi Awd: 10.970 @ 132.990
Philippe Sauve, Engine: 1g 6 bolt, Turbos: Borg Warner s362et Tires: MT Et Street Drag Radial 26in

1991 Eagle Talon TSI: 11.160 @ 129.000
Jacob Chamberlain, Engine: 2.4, Turbos: GTK 1000 Tires: 225/45/17 conti

1996 Eagle Talon tsi fwd: 11.171 @ 129.720
Eric Cavalieri, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: fp red

1992 Eagle Talon : 11.467 @ 121.460
Greg Clayton, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: 20G

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD: 11.554 @ 129.630
PrimedTsi, Engine: Magnus 2.4l, Turbos: T67/T3 Tires: Street Radials

1992 Eagle Talon AWD: 11.582 @ 116.990
Chris Tichy, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: Mitsubishi 16g Tires: Retreaded Race Compo

1991 Eagle Talon : 11.700 @ 123.300
mohamed taheri(driver) sean robb(new owner), Engine: 2 liter w/ slight over bore, Turbos: 20g ported Tires: crappy ass

1990 Eagle Talon : 11.790 @ 116.970
Lowell Foo, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: Frank stage 3 Tires: 205/55/16 BFG VR4

1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD: 11.796 @ 117.640
Hector Cabrera, Engine: 2.0 Turbo (121 ci), Turbos: 20G/td-06h 7cm Tires: Falken 225/50's

1990 Eagle Talon : 11.800 @ 121.000
noel, Engine: 4g63, Turbos: t3/t4 Tires: 225/50/16


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