RX3 Waggon Vs Sedan

Ryans PP Waggon beating jareds PP 3 @ Rotary Summer Drags 2012

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13BT 323 Hatch @ Rotary Summer Drags 2012

Nek Minute Its Back!!
We dont fuck around in this hood.. Rebuilt and back racing @ Rotary summer drags 2012.. AND FOR ALL YOU KEY BOARD WARRIORS, THE KEYS ARE THERE FOR YOU TO SHOW ME HOW ITS DONE NOW..

Rotary Summer Drags 2012
Rotary Summer Drags 2012 Checking out the pit lanes at the Rotary Summer Drags at Meremere drag strip. This is part one in the Rotary Summer Drags series, stay tuned for more videos of skids and racing. Check out our facebook page for the photos.

NSAINE & LOROTA @ NAC Drift Nats - Hampton Downs
First runs for stevie and ryan with their new turbo setups