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Lancia Delta EVOLUZIONE turbo integrale... engine sound
Lancia Delta EVOLUZIONE turbo integrale 1992 Giallo Ferrari

Lancia Delta Monster Special 2009-2014
LANCIA DELTA MONSTERS from: Felix Pailer, Fulvio Giuliani, Marco Sbrollini, Milan Bubnic, Franz Nowak, Norbert Handa, Helmut Hähnel, Gottfried Höllerbauer, Markus Schneider IN ONE VIDEO!!! visit, like and follow us: website: webshop: facebook: instagram: twitter:

2° Raduno Lancia Delta 2007 - 2pt
Secondo raduno Lancia Delta organizzato dalla Polisportiva Aurora di San Giorgio di Cesena (FC) Italy

Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V EVO Ride , Startup, Rev's and Flyby's - HQ
I went for a quick ride in this amazing car. It has won the WorldRallyChampionship 7 times in a row! It came out in the the late 70's and the production was stopped in 1994. A good model of this car is worth today around €25000. I had the opportunity to film this car because somebody in my family owns this car. I filmed a little bit of what this car is and can do. And remember..for that time it was a seriously quick car. It went in 5.7 seconds to 100 km/h! And the actual HP number is's 215HP....But anyway, enough talk. Enjoy the video, and please rate, subscribe and comment. Thanks! rjtdbf