Factory Five 33 Hot Rod First Test Drive

Rough first test drive

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Factory Five Hot Rods Get Ready for SEMA 2011
Just before loading up some of the Factory Five Hot Rods that are on display at the 2011 SEMA Show, owner Dave Smith discusses how each one is unique and built the way the owner wants it.

Fun in the Factory Five Parking Lot
Here is a montage of different clips of some of the fun we've had in the Factory Five parking lot. From burnouts to donuts, there's been a lot of rubber left on the pavement.

Tecmotion's Factory Five 33 Hot Rod Coyote Startup and Dyno
First startup of Tecmotion's Factory Five 33 Hot Rod with Coyote 5.0 Power. Video includes initial startup, first forward and reverse motion, first cruise through all the gears into the mid-range of RPM on the Dyno, and an initial 6000 RPM 3rd gear wide open pass on the Dyno. Just want to see the power pull? It starts at 4:00.

33 speedstar road test 2
david driving