Time Traveler - Nitro Funny Car Start-up

This is a Nitro fuel funny car that was at the GoodGuys show that they started up. When the car switches to nitro it's pumping out 6000HP!! It was really, REALLY loud! A total rush.

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"The Phoenix" Nitro Funny Car Warmup at Kumeu
A fantastic sound made by Les Herst's nitro funny car "The Phoenix" performing at the 2013 Kumeu Hotrod Show. It was started on alcohol before changing to nitro. Listen for the engine note change while it is running on nitromethane. Look at the bloke wearing the chromed German helmet sucking in the nitro fumes. He is a regular at the Kumeu swap-meet, I have seen him many times. Feel free to hit the 'like' button. Thanks! If you want to follow me on YouTube, subscribe to my channel for my latest videos!

Cruz Pedregon Snap On Funny Show Car Startup
Start up of the Snap On themed Cruz Pedregons show funny car. On display at the 2012 SkillsUSA in Kansas City. *THIS VIDEO IS MEANT TO BE WATCHED IN 720*

2500hp Castrol EDGE top fuel drag car start-up/burnout at Speedshow 2014
2500hp Castrol EDGE top fuel drag car start-up/burnout at CRC Speedshow 2014, ASB Showgrounds Auckland.

800hp 66' Chevelle Dragster Startup
This car is being built for pro street drags at the Portland International Raceway. The only origional parts on this car is the rear 3/4 of the body and the front 3/4 of the chassis. motor is a 498 cu in Somers Racing motor built by Archie Somers in Vancouver Wa. Ford 9 inch, Art Morrison 4 link and Lemon Racing headers from Cali. The smoke that you see coming from the engine bay is the paint burning off of the headers.I have been helping my friend with this car for 2 year and its almost done. I will post more videos when completed.