civic si vs cobalt ss/sc

civic si I/H/E cobalt ss/sc stock

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Cobalt SS/TC vs 2011 WRX vs J-Swapped Civic
The Cobalt in one run vs a 2011 WRX, then two runs of the WRX and a J-Swapped Civic from another video. All three of these cars are pretty much neck and neck on each other. Fun runs!

Don's Cobalt OWNED!
Burns oil worse than my Mom's old 1992 Geo Tracker

Cobalt SS/TC vs J32 Swapped Civic
The Cobalt vs a J32 swapped EG coupe with a ported throttle body and a full Exhaust. The motor sticking out looks sick. The civic was on drag radials.

Straight piping a 2009 Cobalt SS/TC
All fab work by our friend Joey. Dylan got a ZZP Catless downpipe and Joey fabbed a straight pipe the whole way back with the stock tip on and it sounds awesome! Next is the charge pipe and tune and the car should be sitting around 330whp.