civic si vs cobalt ss/sc

civic si I/H/E cobalt ss/sc stock

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Civic Si Turbo Vs Cobalt SS and Evo MR
How revenge feels like

Straight piping a 2009 Cobalt SS/TC
All fab work by our friend Joey. Dylan got a ZZP Catless downpipe and Joey fabbed a straight pipe the whole way back with the stock tip on and it sounds awesome! Next is the charge pipe and tune and the car should be sitting around 330whp.

Cobalt ss s/c vs civic si
Cobalt ss mods Exhaust intake and ottp stage. civic mods h/e/i/tune/injectors 30 to 35 roll

Stock 06 Civic Si vs turbo charged 09 Cobalt SS
2 runs, first run light turned red n made us stop. 2nd run took the jump, than he beat me:( rematch soon ;)