Chupi vs Vocho gabo

chupi Vs vocho de Gano 12 de julio xmatkuil

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Vocho Cancun vs Montecarlo Patronato Dic 2012

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Mc Laren Mp4-12 vs Vochito
Un McLaren MP4-12C nunca será pieza para un vocho mexicano

NSRT-4 and Vocho Racing Qualcomm
(Audio is off a little) The SRT4 is mine and only has AEM CAI and Ebay CAT Delete Pipe. (Test Pipe) Also 15s BFG Drag Radials Race 1: Bug (2200 Built all motor with street tires) vs Infinity 6 speed (stock with street tires) Race 2: 05 Neon SRT4 (intake, test pipe and drag radials) vs Bug Race 3: Same as above. Race 4: SRT4 vs Eclipse turbo (front mount Intercooler, intake, street tires) Race 5: SRT4 vs Nissan 350z Stillen Supercharger and supporting mods on stree tires. (no traction) Race 6: SRT4 vs Eagle Talon AWD TSI (street tires and Exhaust) I think he missed a shift. Race 7: SRT4 vs California Style Mustang GT (mods unkown and street tires) Race 8: Same as above I got a better run.