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Mallala Saloon Car race - 5 June 2010 - Holden Commodore VN

This is an in-car video from VN Commodore Saloon Car #91 driven by me, Naomi Maltby. It's most of a race at Mallala from the HQ Enduro (non-points) meeting. This was the first try with a new in-car camera from eBay - clearly we need to mount it a bit higher up next time. At the top of the screen you can see the other cars in the mirror, which is kind of cool...The date stamp is incorrect, I don't know how to set it. Enjoy!


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MG TC at Mallala
Filmed from a 1948 MGTC "Special" on a 4 lap sprint at Mallala. The car has a supercharged TC engine bored to 1366cc, standard TC gearbox and a light alloy/steel body. Original steering, shockers, beam axles, cart springs and single leading shoe drum brakes make it a challenge to drive but it's lots of fun! (Ignore the faulty tacho) The other car is a PRB Birkin S3 1600cc multivalve clubman.

VN Commodore Saloon Car
VN Commodore Saloon Car

Mallala Saloon Car race helmet cam - 31 October 2010 - Holden Commodore VN
This is an in-car video from VN Commodore Saloon Car #91 driven by me, Naomi Maltby. This is race 4 from the final round of the 2010 SA State Motor Racing Championships at Mallala Motorsport Park. There is a crash on the first lap and the car wasn't handling so good after that - actually I didn't think it would finish the race because a tyre was rubbing and it had a bit of a wobble, but we made it. The date stamp is incorrect, I don't know how to set it. Enjoy!

Mallala Saloon Car race 4 - 22 August 2010 - Holden Commodore VN
This is an in-car video from VN Commodore Saloon Car #91 driven by me, Naomi Maltby. It's race 4 at Mallala from round 3 of the SA State Motor Racing Championship 2010. I drove like crap at this meeting. Enjoy! This is the same race as my other 'helmet cam' video. P. S. I was starting up the back at this meeting because we had a combined field with Improved Production and a split start.

Ryan Millier Saloon Car #39
2006 Saloon Car #39 highlights video Made by Ryan Millier

Holden Commodore VN Saloon Car SA 91 - Mallanats burnout competition, Mallala 05/12/2009
My saloon car being driven by my husband Craig Walkom at the Mallanats. After 5 years of engineering this car for me to race, it was his turn to have some fun. This car runs a Holden 3.8 V6 engine built to CAMS 3K Saloon Car specifications. It has similar horsepower to a stock 5.0 V8 and won the Dyno challenge for naturally aspirated 6-cylinder cars on the same day. Craig also drove it in the Go to Whoa, Dash For Cash, and Track Cruise. This car does 1m 22s laps of Mallala, came 3rd overall in the 2008 and 2009 South Australian Saloon Car Championships, has raced at the Bathurst 12-hour twice (and will be back in February 2010), has also raced at Sandown and Winton, and has raced once in the ANDRA Tri-Series drag racing series. It even gets driven on the road occasionally with a permit from Transport SA. We believe in having fun with our cars and using them for more than one thing! :o) Unfortunately this car was written off by some idiot at round 1 of the 2011 SA Motor Racing Championships & was crushed. It was replaced with a new VN (same colour but slightly different).

GoPro VN V6 Turbo Wet Roads 7am
VN turbo, 1st ever run on wet road with the locked diff

VN V6 commodore engine destruction
Ended up having to leave a wedge on the accelerator pedal to blow the engine up because we had to get the car trailer back to the hire company and didn't want to scrap the car in running, best $100 we've ever spent. Rallied this out for 2 days, and i'm talking thrashed the fucking shit out of it, went through 10 tyres doing burnouts, launching off the dirt and drifting on the beach (all viewable on my you tube channel)

vn ss atlas grey 355 c.o.m.e stroker

Ex V8 Super Car
Xeetec MVS 400, Oran Park

Mallala Saloon Car race - 3 May 2009 - Holden Commodore VN (short version)
This is an in-car video from VN Commodore Saloon Car #91 driven by me, Naomi Maltby. It's the first couple of laps of a race at Mallala from round 2 of the South Australian Motor Racing Championship. There are no major crashes or even much close racing - I couldn't stay with the cars in front and the ones behind couldn't catch me. But I was quite happy with my corner lines etc. Enjoy!


Build Burnout Car - VN Commodore - Part 1
Hey Guys, (Change of plans) I'm doing something I've never done before. I am building a Burnout car. I'm using my Holden VN commodore for this project and I can't wait to get started. I don't want the car to have a full on big block with a massive Exhaust on it or cam, I just want a car that I can throw stockies on and just thrash and to have a little fun with it. I'm going to take out some weight off the back so it'll be easier for the tires to spin, also I'm going to add RPM Gauges and a steering wheel. Anyway guys hope you enjoy this project series and... KEEP WATCHING FOR MORE!

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