Datsun 100 A (F10) Starttaus 0°C 2kk seisonnan jälkeen.

Niksinurkka: Helppo talvikäynnistys kaasarivehkeelle. =D

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Datsun 100A myynnissä!
Korsossa myynnissä huippukunnossa oleva Datsun 100A kymppitonnilla!!

Datsun 100A runs after standing 27 years
Showing Datsun 100A starting, freed the clutch and all 4 wheels which had seized up. Then we towed it down the road to get some compression into it, then hooked up fresh petrol and a battery, and off she went.

Turbo Datsun 510
An ongoing project Just a little walk around of my 1972 Datsun 510 Has a ka24de out of a 92 Nissan 240sx turbonetics 50 trim turbo jgs manifold and wastegate. pretty much a streight pipe off of the turbo exited out the side.

Datsun 100a incar video.
1300cc historic rally car. ss.västilä. finland