How to do a Toyota Avalon LX Transmission Flush AutoBodyMen

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Transmission Flush Service Haley Toyota Certified Center Richmond VA The Haley Toyota Certified Service Center at 8301 Midlothian Turnpike can perform a BG Products transmission fluid exchange on most makes and models. Rather than just removing the fluid found in the bottom of the pan, the entire transmission is cleaned and replenished with the use of special equipment. The transmission and its torque converter have all of their old contaminated fluid removed while new fluid and premium conditioners are added. One of the hardest working parts of your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly for many more trouble-free miles.

Toyota Avalon Radiator flush NOT 100K service
This video is not a complete procedure and should not be used as a reference guide to your vehicle's maintenance. Every vehicle is different so refer to your manual or ask your mechanic for more info. Video is made to show where the radiator petcock and cap is located. Be sure to use your vehicles recommended antifreeze and do not use the green coolant. Newer Toyota vehicles should use red/pink fluid. Good luck and don't forget to burp or bleed the system to prevent any air bubbles. It will lead to temp issues, overflow of coolant and ultimately engine failure.

How to flush automatic transmission 2001 Toyota 4Runner
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Toyota 4Runner, V6 engine. Doing a transmission flush, using a 12 volt oil pump I bought from Ebay. The information contained in this video is for general guidance, not responsible for any errors or injuries that you have done. Samsung W200 pocket camcorder was used to do this video. Please subscribe and thank you for watching. Follow me on TWITTER: @88bmyvegas and

10 Min Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush + Replacement (Most Cars) Ever wanted to do a complete Automatic Transmission Service with a Fluid Flush and Fluid Change! Well now you can do it in 10 Minutes! This DIY is super easy really fast and ridiculously cheap. The reason we didn't change the filter is because the filter on this transmission is internal and you would have to take apart the transmission to get to it. There is a a filter for the shift solenoid that can be cleaned to improve shifting. There is a small black round filter for the transmission, its under the air box near the solenoid that could be changed if you want to be more thorough. Catch us in our other 10 Minute Challenge videos!