Rob Dyrdek Monster Tattoo

I had a full back piece Monster Tattoo done yesterday by my good friend Jun Cha. Monster has supported not only me but my companies as well along the way. I am in stores worldwide, they sponsor my sports property Street League Skateboarding and so much more. This is permanent brand dedication.

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Rob Dyrdek shows Steelo Chronicle Movie Like Superpower
This is an old trick that I was shown back in the day... Not many people do it today because glass is expensive. You have to be committed. You walk slow hit with your forehead and thigh at the same and you will walk right through the glass door.

Rob Dyrdek Skates inside a Carls Jr.
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The Fantasy Factory
Welcome to the Fantasy Factory. Sorry guys, fantasy factory isn't coming out in january. The Fantasy starts FEBUARY 8, 2009

Rob and Big become the Most Wanted at E3 - Challenges Accepted
Big Black and I took on the challenges at E3, now we're ready to take them on at the Fantasy Factory! Send in ANY challenge to us and we will pick the best ones to film at the Fantasy Factory! To submit: Create a video response to this video, tweet @NeedForSpeed, or Facebook it on! EA TOS Applies.