Chevrolet Caprice 5.7 diesel cold start

Starting my 1981 Caprice at -15 celcius. Started really well with good glow plugs. Engine is original 350DX with TH350C transmission.

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Drive in the Chevrolet Caprice Diesel
Drive in the 1981 Chevrolet Caprice 350 (5,7) V8 Diesel. This car is still from the first owner. The Chevy was stored for more than 20 years because after almost 400.000 km the head gasgets were blown. Last year, we did a complete engine rebuilt, with new pistons, main studs, head studs, and so on..

"Barn Find" First Start: 1982 Olds Delta 88 5.7L /350 c.i. Diesel
Today, August 2, 2014, was the first time anyone tried to start this car since March, 1989. For 25 years (not 35; my head math failed me in the excitement) the front end has been up on blocks and torn down to the steering knuckles. When we recently got a crack at it we tracked down and installed the missing parts, put in new oil, a new fuel filter, and new batteries, and turned the key...

Lincoln's and 7.3 Diesel cold start

Donor 505 - Old Start Cold Start!
Managed to get hold of another 505 GTI for spare parts / donor parts for the other one. Thought it would be rude not to get it running after sitting 14 years!! Thanks for watching, Please comment / rate and subscribe if you enjoyed.