LSX All Motor SAM Camaro SS 8.23 @ 164 School of Automotive Machinists

Team SAM with the hugger orange 99 Camaro won the NMCA LSX Challenge Series All Motor Class in Commerce, GA. SAM also reset the LSX All Motor record to 8.23 at 164! The SS runs a SAM built 435ci LSX with a Liberty clutchless 5 speed transmission. For more information about the School, visit

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1064hp All Motor LSX - Engine Dyno
School of Automotive Machinists '99 Camaro LSX motor - 1064hp @ 9000rpm Record Holder for the fastest all motor LS Camaro with stock suspension. 438CID LSX motor 3130 lbs Check out Follow us on Facebook

Bobby Lashley's NA LSX 427ci Camaro - 8.29@163MPH!
Bobby Lashley's Naturally Aspirated 427ci C5R goes 8.29@163mph at a test session at South Georgia Motorsports Park! Making it the NEW fastest Naturally Aspirated LSX pass ever!

School of Automotive Machinists at NMCA LSX Shootout 2010
PowerTV catches up with SAM at the 2010 NMCA LSX Shootout to get the low down on the All Motor Class.

SAM Racing - Texas Mile - October 2012
The S.A.M. Racing Camaro went 200mph the next day all motor. Driven by Linda Massingill, this is one of only 4 cars I've seen run 200mph all motor. This was supposed to be a license pass, that's why you hear her lift for a second at the other end because the car was supposed to stay under 190mph. PDN Facebook: HTC Facebook: HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page: