Rx4 burn out in driveway

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Mazda rx4 swap 13b - good bye
One last video of my mazda rx4 swap 13b ...

RX4 coupe 13b bridge port
Got another vid pushing 10 grand on the streets Bad motha fucka!

Pac Performance ALIG8R 20B RX4 Dyno Run
Sam's RX4 has been around the block a few times yet she still looks and performs tremendously as you can see in this clip... The big 20B is 10 years old now but she's still punching hard, turning the rollers to the tune of 751rwhp on just 20psi. A quick tidy up in the engine bay, a new Haltech Platinum Series ECU and E85 fuel system upgrade has brought this monster up to 2014 standards and its now ready for Sam to enjoy... If you would like to be notified every time we upload a video then make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon next to the subscription button. Get your Pac Merchandise: Shop on our Online Store: Follow us on social media pages - Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Mazda rx4 13b bridgeport turbo startup
Mazda rx4 new motor 13b bridgeport turbo cold startup