Mean Mary Jean Plymouth 1970s Commercial

From 1974 to 1975, Judy Strangis was a pitch-woman for Chrysler Corporation in the role of "Mean Mary Jean". Wearing a football jersey," she promoted the Plymouth "Duster" and "Road Runner" vehicle lines. Often appearing at Chrysler promotions and auto shows around the country.

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Plymouth Barracuda radio commercial
Finaly found the clip on a tape from the 80's. Guess the commerial is from the mid 60's or something.

1970 Plymouth Duster Commercial - Plymouth Makes it
Despite this truly awful commercial, the Plymouth Duster would go on to be one of Plymouth's and Chrysler's most popular cars. They are sought after by car collectors now and command high prices, particularly the performance cars. 1970 was a short year for the Duster and only 24,817 cars were produced. In it's peak, in 1974, 277,409 cars were produced. Although the Duster was available in 1976, it's sales dwindled down to 26,688 as the Volare took off in sales and sold 84,000 units in it's two door form. The Duster name would reappear in the Plymouth line up over the years but was never the same car as the original

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury - Test Drive & Review
Since I am into more things than just RC I thought this might be a great way to expand the channel a little. I have been wanting to do a review and drive of a long time member of the family. This is the old man's 1959 Plymouth he has had.. well basically since 1959. I hope you enjoy seeing this "old bomb" as he calls it. Vehicle Highlights: Fury V-800 Super-Pak V8; 318ci - 260hp / 345tq. Torqueflite automatic trans 2.93:1 Axle ratio. 2dr Hard-Top. Non-restored survivor. Music: Provided by Kevin MacLeod (

"Lets Make A Deal" - Early 70's Chryslers (part 1)
Please visit for Classic Car DVD's! I compiled these clips of early 70's Chryslers from the old game show "Let's Make A Deal". Notice the size of some these whales! Beautiful cars, and a great time period in America.