Mean Mary Jean Plymouth 1970s Commercial

From 1974 to 1975, Judy Strangis was a pitch-woman for Chrysler Corporation in the role of "Mean Mary Jean". Wearing a football jersey," she promoted the Plymouth "Duster" and "Road Runner" vehicle lines. Often appearing at Chrysler promotions and auto shows around the country.

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1969 Plymouth GTX, Road Runner, Satellite and Belvedere Features

Plymouth Gold Duster Commercial (1974)
"One of eight great small car buys." Chrysler Plymouth Gold Duster commercial featuring a fishing trip and a country-style song. The actor with the ponytails appears to be Judy Strangis ('Room 222'). Spot aired in July 1974. *Visit for 1970s pop culture fun.* Fair Use. No copyright infringement is intended. Posted for museum purposes only.

1974 Plymouth Duster - Mean Mary Jean --Better Quality Version - Featuring Judy Strangis
Mean Mary Jean was a character created by Plymouth to promote the Plymouth Duster. Judy Strangis was from the TV show Room 222 and plays the part of Mean Mary Jean

Farm-Find Rescue! Plymouth Duster Big-Block Swap - Roadkill Ep. 40
On this episode we present a new Roadkill project car: the Crop Duster! It’s a 1970 Plymouth Duster that Freiburger forgot that he owned—a result of multiple trades with a buddy, and at least 5 years of neglect in the dirt of a grape farm. Once he was reminded of the car, and with a 440 Mopar big-block sitting on the shop floor (salvaged from the General Mayhem ’68 Charger), it was evident what needed to happen. Freiburger and Finnegan headed up to the farm run by Steve Dulcich, editor of Engine Masters magazine, to drag the Duster out of its moss-covered indignity and attempted to get the 440 in the car and running, driving, and doing smoky burnouts within five days. Along the way, the trio did engine upgrades, butchered some headers, built a homemade driveshaft, cobbled together a used Exhaust system, did some halfhearted bodywork, and executed other mechanical feats the likes of which you’ve come to expect from Roadkill. Then it was off to the chassis Dyno and the drag strip. Hate to break it to you, but the fail in this episode is minimal! Thanks for support from MSD Performance and from Optima, the new Official Battery of Roadkill! Make sure to check out the new Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook -, & Twitter - & Google + - Website - & &