Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement on the 1968 Mercury Cougar

9th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Bushing removal, a worn cross shaft and a worn bushing are looked at in this episode.

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Modifications To The Mercury Cougar Front Suspension 1968
8th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Stiffening up the old Cougar front end so it will have a chance to grab the road better. We ended up using the original upper control arm mounting points as the car sat too low with the modified lower position.

Automotive Cooling 101 and the Javelin
Some basics on automotive cooling and a preview of some parts to be put on the Javelin. It's speculated that the original radiator is partially plugged and not 100% efficient.

Compressed Air Receiver Tank on the Cheap
How I cheaply added capacity to my air system.

1969 Javelin Grill Completed and Installed
Yes, it's a 69 grill in a 68 car. Needed to go where the deals are.