Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement on the 1968 Mercury Cougar

9th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Bushing removal, a worn cross shaft and a worn bushing are looked at in this episode.

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Modifications To The Mercury Cougar Front Suspension 1968
8th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Stiffening up the old Cougar front end so it will have a chance to grab the road better. We ended up using the original upper control arm mounting points as the car sat too low with the modified lower position.

Upper and Lower Ball Joint Change in a Chevy Half Ton Two Wheel Drive 1500
Changing out upper and lower ball joints on a Chevy 1500 1996 work truck. I left the crooked start of the press in the video because it happens all too often with that type of control arm.

Mustang Rear Control Arm Bushing Replacement
This is a start to finish video.Fitting the old 1990 Fox body Mustang with some new polyurethane upper and lower rear control arm bushings.

68 Mercury Cougar Shock Tower Brace Modification To Fit
10th part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Here the finished suspension is looked at and the after market shock tower brace is modified to fit the car. The painted engine bay and installed engine can also be seen. As always, thanks for watching and comments are welcome. There was some feedback on this video about the shock towers sagging inwards on these cars. The original braces fit ok and dropped into place. These are old cars and anything can happen, but original fits are something to be considered.