Brutal Sound: Corvette C6 Z06

Even this sound was too brutal for my camera with the revving... my camera could get the Accelerations good! These 7.0 Litres, 505 HP beasts where a part of the event: "Blik Op De Heelweg"

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Lamborghini Gallardo w/ Straightpipes: FLAMES, Revs & Accelerations! 1080p HD!
Today I visited the meeting in Hengelo (Overrijsel) at Ferrari and Maserati dealer 'Munsterhuis' We knew a couple of awesome cars would come, so we defenitally didn't want to miss it! This video is all about the straightpiped Gallardo with Tubi Exhausts! What a sound! It's just insane! In this video you also see a couple of flames coming out of the Gallardo! Yes people! Do not come too close, you will be burned! Haha! I hope all enjoy the video! Much more is comming from the meeting as it was small, but absolutely epic! Feel free to comment and thumb up! Subscribe for more of these sick videos!

Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupé: Brutal Sound!
Like TypeRacer8 on Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Here's a video of a beautiful red C63 AMG Coupé attempting to do a burnout. For some reason the car doesn't want to spin it's wheels, but the sound which comes out is just great, as always with C63 AMGs. This particular one came from the UK and was on it's way home as we just arrived at the Nürburgring that day. Unfortunately I don't have any more videos of it, but I hope to see it again! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- C63 or M3? Comment and let me know! Like and Subscribe to my channel! TypeRacer8's Automotive Channel, Your automotive source!

Ferrari Challenge Stradale & F355 Spider Accelerations & Flybys!
WOOT!! What an awesome cars! Especialy the Challenge Stradale! Accelerating, Revving etc!! Too bad my photo's waren't as nice as those sounds! :P These rides where at the event: "Blik Op De Heelweg"

BMW M3 E46 Full Accelerate!
What a power! What a sound! i love it!