Brutal Sound: Corvette C6 Z06

Even this sound was too brutal for my camera with the revving... my camera could get the Accelerations good! These 7.0 Litres, 505 HP beasts where a part of the event: "Blik Op De Heelweg"

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What a power! What a sound! i love it!

LOUD Corvette C6 'ZR1' Convertible w/ Decatted Exhausts: Sound & Backfire! 1080p HD!
Like TypeRacer8 on Facebook: I've captured this pretty rare C6 Corvette with ZR1 parts at Essen while the 'Essen Motor Show' was there! This Corvette has got an awesome color which I've never seen on a Vette before. It's also fitted with decatted Exhausts, which makes the sound much louder and brutal! Personally one of the most awesome Corvettes i've ever seen! Enjoy the video! Comments, likes etc. are very welcome! Subscribe for more, and like me on facebook! Thanks for the support!

Corvette C6 Z06 'Race Car' Powerslide and Sound! 1080p HD!
Like TypeRacer8 on Facebook: - Nürburgring May 2012 - During the Scuderia Hanseat, there also was 'Touristen Fahrten' on the Nordschleife. The Z06 'Race Car' was one of the Tourist drivers.. A pretty good looking Corvette if you ask me! Gloss yellow with a couple of matte parts, black rims and headlights! I also think it has a different Exhaust system, but i'm not sure about that! I hope you like it! Comment and let me know! Like and Subscribe to my channel! TypeRacer8's Automotive Channel, Your automotive source!

Lovely Sound: BMW M6
What a sound!! Awesome!! The man came from Great Britain!! That's Far Away from our country!!