1996 Honda Prelude Si Megan Racing Exhuast

1996 Honda Prelude Si H23A Megan Racing Stainless Steel Headers http://www.meganracing.com/product_detail.asp?prodid=329&catid=8 Magnaflow Direct Fit Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter http://www.magnaflow.com/02catalytic_converters/02product/displaydirectfit01.asp?catalogid=19453&directfit=22644 Megan Racing NA Type 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust http://www.meganracing.com/product_detail.asp?prodid=179&catid=17

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2000 Honda Prelude - Greddy TI-C exhaust
2000 Honda Prelude with custom 2.25 inch piping, Magnaflow high flow cat, cherry bomb glass pack resonator, and greddy ti-c muffler. Prelude over V6 charger any day.. lol.

Slammed 1996 Honda Prelude "lordludez"
Today we get a look at my buddy Joseph's 1996 SLAMMED Prelude. Song: © Official Beat & Video Produced by: SeroProd!! FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/TaliBeatz?re... SOUNDCLOUD :https://soundcloud.com/sero-produktion Buy Beats : http://seroprod.jimdo.com/beats/

project Honda Prelude Si, part 17; REFINISHED VALVE COVER AND NEW SPARK PLUGS!
Welcome to my latest project! This is my 1989 Honda Prelude Si, 5-speed! It's a car I've always wanted to own. I got this late June, 2016 with 227,000 miles. The car is 99% original, except for the wheels and stereo! Best of all...everything works on this car! It was owned by one family since new with NO RUST! Join me as I restore this car back to near factory standards (with maybe a few liberties along the way). I paid $2,000.00 for this car.

1996 Honda Prelude Si, 1st 2nd gear pull
Just out for a drive, playing around, figured i would test her out. Automatic transmission breaks them loose on launch. I try to backpedal to get hookup and a poor attempt on a warm 73 deg.day, oily tarmac and cellphone in hand.......you get the idea...