1996 Honda Prelude Si Megan Racing Exhuast

1996 Honda Prelude Si H23A Megan Racing Stainless Steel Headers http://www.meganracing.com/product_detail.asp?prodid=329&catid=8 Magnaflow Direct Fit Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter http://www.magnaflow.com/02catalytic_converters/02product/displaydirectfit01.asp?catalogid=19453&directfit=22644 Megan Racing NA Type 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust http://www.meganracing.com/product_detail.asp?prodid=179&catid=17

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2000 Honda Prelude - Greddy TI-C exhaust
2000 Honda Prelude with custom 2.25 inch piping, Magnaflow high flow cat, cherry bomb glass pack resonator, and greddy ti-c muffler. Prelude over V6 charger any day.. lol.

1996 Honda Prelude Si, 1st 2nd gear pull
Just out for a drive, playing around, figured i would test her out. Automatic transmission breaks them loose on launch. I try to backpedal to get hookup and a poor attempt on a warm 73 deg.day, oily tarmac and cellphone in hand.......you get the idea...

700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas Streets!
From the BoostED NIGHTS DVD Now Shipping - http://goo.gl/WGokKF ‎ We’ve seen this Prelude before, and it’s definitely a force to be reckon with! The H22 with a Precision 6266 strapped onto it is no joke - putting down a WHOPPING 700hp to the wheels! Notice the big tire on the front of this Honda…it’s obvious this is a serious setup. Taking on 700+ hp LSx cars, and a 2JZ S2000, this little four cylinder does WORK! Check out this feature as we ride along in this awesome high horsepower machine!

James's Static Honda Prelude // Del Sol | DIIVIINE
//READ DESCRIPTION!!!!// I met James about 1 year ago at Import Faceoff and we hit it off almost instantly. Both of his cars are absolutely insane, and the fact that they are static makes it all the more enjoyable. I traveled up to NH last Saturday to record this and had an absolute blast. We did get pulled over by a state cop whilst recording the rolling shots, and almost got fined 2,000$ worth of tickets but were let go with a warning. CAN YOU SAY LUCKY?!? The Del Sol being uninspected during this video is the reason why it is not there for the end of the video, because we did not want to get it towed. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and remember to like/comment and subscribe! JAMES INSTAGRAM: @jdmnelson FOLLOW ME: @diiviinemedia SONG LIST: ANUBIS-XIII - HOLOGRAPHIC https://soundcloud.com/anubiiis/holographic reid - KINGDOM - Unleashed https://soundcloud.com/souls/kingdomep