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Fast Vintage Karts - Lake Speed from NASCAR
http://vintagepowersport.com Lake Speed from NASCAR, wins 2007 Vintage Kart Super Olympics at "Quincy" TNT Kartways, Taylor MO. This class is no longer run in modern karting, it was the fastest Sprint Kart class ever run. Dual fully modified open fueled 135cc rotary valve two-stroke engines. A wopping 270cc's of smoking methanol/nitro burning 15,000rpm power, there is nothing like this in modern day Sprint Kart racing. Watch some of the biggest names in Karting, Lake Speed, Terry Traeder, Troy Brown.... battle it out. Watch 2007-2008-2009 videos of same event 270cc class at this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l27F883acMQ&feature=PlayList&p=D181E2F797460 A5C&index=0&playnext=1 VKA Vintage Karting Association http://vkavintagekarting.com

Vintage Kart Show at Adams Kart Track 2008
Vintage Karting Association http://vkakarting.com January 31, February 1st & 2nd 2008 VKA - 4th ANNUAL ADAMS VINTAGE KART REUNION, SHOW, BAR-B-Q AND TENT GALA Adams Kart Track, Riverside, CA more vintage karting at: Rear Engine American Racers http://rearenginekarts.com and at Vintage PowerSport http://vintagepowersport.com

Homemade Go-Kart And Mini-Bike (GoPro & Rollover)
6.5 Hp Go-Kart and 5.5Hp Mini-Bike If you want to see some good action, take a look at our two-part "Thrills And Spills" video! *Note: The steering column was not locked into place, therefore, you will notice Dan veering off course without steering on some occasions. Also, he is 6'3" tall, (I'm 5'7") which is why he looks a bit big for the kart! If you have any questions about the Kart, please follow the link at the end of the video. If you have questions after that, then fire away! They are not for sale... unless you give me obscene amounts of money.

McCulloch Kart Promotion Movie circa 1961
Digitally restored by http://VintagePowerSport.com - from 16mm film. This video featuring actor Don Knots, reflects the humor of the time while providing a little insight into the design & manufacture of the short lived line of McCulloch racing karts. While McCulloch manufactured kart racing motors from 1959 to 1977, they only made karts for a couple years during the boom of kart racing. That boom was quickly followed by a Bust, and many kart manufacturers went out of business, this is when McCulloch stopped making karts. McCulloch kart engines were by far the most popular engines used on all karts at the time, and the engine side of the business remained worth while for McCulloch for many years until a combination of new owners and a drop in sales volume marked the end of an era for McCulloch. The Yamaha KT100 and Briggs & Straton 5hp engines quickly replaced the hole left by McCulloch exit from karting. The engine Don is holding in the beginning of the video would be an MC6 kart engine, based on the date and what details can actually be seen. McCulloch intentionally did not say what model it was, probably because they were releasing new models about every 6-12 months at the time due to the highly competitive environment. Learn more about vintage racing karts at http://VKAKarting - the Vintage Karting Association http://RearEngineKarts.com - early era karts only (VintagePowerSport.com has copyright usage permission from McCulloch Racing for distribution of McCulloch media)

Homemade Go Kart The Build Part 1
Here's some video of what we went through during the build. There were plenty of changes before the first test drive! Thank You for watching, Jeff


Vintage kart - Margay Cheetah 1973 with McCulloch engine
Restored vintage Margay Cheetah Mark III racing kart with front wheel brake option. The Engine is a 100cc McCulloch MC91 type series motor, with a double pumper 35mm methanol carburetor. Watch the test drive video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eNsEYOP33o

VIntage Karts at Vegas 2005 - show
Vintage Kart Racing at Las Vegas, Fall of 2005, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

couple of updates and a few sneek peeks of the mac

Vintage Kart McCulloch MC-5 build Part 2 of 2
http://VintagePowerSport.com Part 1 coverd the build of the replica McCulloch MC5 kart motor, based on McCulloch 1-51 chainsaw block .. details of the port work, Boost porting and cover fabrication was covered. Part covers the ignition system build, painting, custom reed manifold, start-up and on track running...

270cc dual engine kart fast at race track, not driftingn donut burning Gixxer
Helmet cam footage at NCMP starts at 3:45 mark. Custom restored Margay with dual BM-130 engines, racing kart from mid-late 70's, dual engines totaling 270cc, methanol fuel ... much higher speed than a modern 125cc shifter kart. MCP brake upgrade, dual rear Ripley vented discs and customized brake bias adjuster for 3 master cylinders. Pipes by RLV, vintage Burco oil bath clutches, digatron dual display gauge. for info on racing and restoring old karts like this visit: http://VKAKarting.com Update August 2012: see video of new vintage dual Invader Kart built for 2012 season, its 50lbs lighter and sports dual Alky carbs on each engine...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=macY5n_R3gE

The Big One 2009 - Disston Power Products Twin - Vintage Karting
produced by http://vintagepowersport.com , a custom built hybrid engine - Disston Power Products Twin. This engine was built using a vintage Disston twin cylinder chainsaw motor crankcase, and mounting Power Products Kart racing engine cylinders on that crankcase. The Exhaust pipes are open resonating pleasure to listen to. This footage was filmed at The Big One vintage karting event held by Rear Engine American Racers, Labor Day weekend 2009 (an Annual Labor Day weekend event in Fremont OH). Visit the Rear Engine American Racers website at: http://rearenginekarts.com FYI - .... more vintage karting info, photos, videos can be found at the Vintage Karting Association website: http://vkakarting.com

The Brodhead Historics - Vintage Karting Show Winner 2009
The Brodhead Historics - July 16-18th, 2009, Vintage Karting Assocation Produced by http://VintagePowerSport.com Winner - "Best Original Rear Engine Kart" This kart belongs to John Augustine, it's a very nice example of a 1962 McCulloch R300 racing kart. The kart is powered by dual McCulloch MC9 engines, with a displacement of 100cc each. The Brodhead HIstorics is an annual vintage karting event held at the historic Sugar River Raceway in Brodhead WI. A little history on Sugar River Raceway ... it is the home of the extremely unique Blackhawk racing karts. Don Fairman was a GM engineer when he designed the first Blackhawk kart. Don quit his job at GM to pursue kart manufacturing and running his race track. He built Sugar River Raceway literally in his own backyard in the early 60's. The track became very popular, so much so, the Nationals where held there in 1965, 1972, & 1981. Don continued making Blackhawk karts until he passed away in 1994. His karts all had the same very distinctive frame design, but models did progress over the years from rear engine to sidewinder, to bucket seat, and later to adjustable castor/camber.....

VIntage Margay Newbreed dual B-Bomb at East Lansing Kart Track ELKT
produced by http://VIntagePowerSport.com - kart show winner at Vintage Karting Association event held July 21-23, 2011 at East Lansing Kart Tracking, East Lansing Michigan. Margay Newbreed sidewinder dual with dual 135cc open B-Bomb IAME engines, overhead pipes, Burco clutches, Airheart brakes.

Building the Go-Kart (High School Senior Project Video)
(Music By Juno Reactor) The first video thats related to this is the entire video. this is just a demo. heres the Specs: This project was done for a graduating grade at my high school. the grade on it was a 98% and i got a 95 on my speech (which was 12 minutes long.) this was the video i showed during my presentation. this project took a total of 2 to 3 months of work, and i started with ordering a set of go-kart plance from Don's DIY Den (diyden.net.) The go-kart was origionally designed for a 5 horsepower motor, but i put in a monster 18 horsepower twin cylinder motor. it wasnt the BEST idea because the ngine is on the side and it is kind of off weight. other than that and the crappy breaks, there are no real problems with it. The frame used mostly .095" one inch square tubing, and for the braces and brackets, i used 1/4" sheet metal. All of the parts in which i did not build or find from friends, i obtained from northern tool (northerntool.com.) some parts like the front wheels and steering wheel, i got from friends or yard sales. i got the engine from my stepbrother Tony moore who i thank dearly. the engine is $1400 brand new. it was used in Iraq to power a giant frige. tony bought it to grind up horse poop. and i got it for free. This thing started up the first pull and yes, i know the mixure is off, but once we got this thing working, it topped out at about 50 MPH, andhad real nice handling. not that great of a turning radious, but good handling. the clutch was actually a belt clutch and i welded on a sprocket, and it worked perfectly. it is a single speed which is similar to second gear. im DYING for a two pully centrifugal clutch system so i can get all my horsepowers out. either that or some shifter clutch five speed i have done substantial work since this video. the front shocks DO look bent. theyre not. single A-arm suspentions do move around like that. i admit it does look dumb, SO i put some real beefy shocks up front, and it did give it a four or five inch lift. and now it doesnt look bent anymore. it went from lookling like this: /-\ to this |-| Rob and i welded on it using some TIG a lot of MIG, but mostly flux chore welding. i used PAC to cut some pieces and i used a hydraulic sheer to cut and bend a lot of the bracings, mounts, and brackets. this project took a tootal of $700 dollars. its a good price considering the fact that the motor is $1300 brand new. honors #60 - Top Rated (This Month) - Autos & Vehicles #48 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Autos & Vehicles (UPDATE 11/1/07)- I found this project to be a big dissapointment to my highschool career. its honestly one of my biggest accomplishments i will ever complete in my lifetime, and i was not accredited properly. the school had an award ceremony for the best senior projects. it was narrowed down to the special edd kids, the dance kids welding stuff, and so on. it was completely rediculous. a girl got an award for learning how to dance. a kid got an award for learning how to play drums. every single award was like that. no big accomplishments at all. and no award for me. all this was done with my bare hands. i put more effort into this than most of thie kids didn on theirs in the 3000 student school. and the schools system wasnt professional enough to even notice my project. even though i felt like it was a horrible waste of time when i didnt get any awards, its still an accomplishment for me. the gokart is currently sitting out in my backyard. it still runs good, but i still need to add one or two support rails on the frame. the torque of the motor and the poorly designed chain guard snapped the chain. once i get off my lazy but, i might fix it.

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