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MGB GT 72'
1972 MGB GT

MG B GT V8 Sebring Sanya Hungary 2012

Robert's V8 MGB startup
"79 MG-B with a base 3.9L Rover V8 out of a Land Rover Discovery. Using ford cologne v6 pistons, rover 3.5 rods, and a Buick 300 crank the displacement now resides that 4,995cc. The heads are from a 4.0(same as a 4.6 and the 'best' stock heads) - and my father and myself spent about 40hours porting and polishing them(aftermarket heads are out of my budget at about $3500). Compression is 10.5:1, a mild crower cam(power from 1300-5500), 14CUX fuel injection + chipped for the displacement increase, equal length headers, dual 2.25" all the way back, blueprinted/balanced, lightened flywheel, and the engine was lowered/moved back 2" for a better center of mass. It has a Mustang t5 transmission w/ adapter plate and its running a hybrid mg/ford 8" rear(MG axle tubes, Ford differential, and ford truck axles re-splined to accept MG hubs) with 3.55:1 gears. Star spec 205's all the way around..."

Peinture MGB teinte :"Harvest gold"

V8 MGB first run,,
First run, cam break in, dont mind the belt squeal.

MGB V8 - 4.8 litres - Crystal Palace 29 May 2011
Lovely MGB GT with Wildcat Rover V8 engine transplant - that's 4.8 litres of snarling fury! Very quick. Lovely noise! IM 8)

MG GT V8 Sebring.m4v
MGB GT V8 Sound

A short video of my MG B GT V8

Taking my son out for a drive.

1969 MG MGC GT
SOLD 1969 MG MGC GT. Offered for sale by St. Louis Car Museum & Sales. See more of this car and others at www.stlouiscarmuseum.com

Perry Stephenson MGB V8 at North Weald
Test runs on a faulty fuel system

MGB Roadster in the New Forest
An edited version of a short trip in the New Forest in my 1970 MGB Roadster (red, chrome bumpers, wire wheels, walnut dash and overdrive). Sister in car with me (aged 13, hence some odd utterances), and my phone was taking the video attached to the windscreen by a tacky, cheap, plasticky thing I bought off Amazon for all of £5.99, hence the rather shaky video. Enjoy

project V8-MGB startup2

MGB 4.6 litre V8 dyno runs
4.6 litre build by Triumph Rover Spares. Installed and tuned by BC Automotive in Lilydale. Was run and tuned earlier in the day. Should be on the road in the next month or two, everything else is done just needs a clean up for final assembly. Hope you enjoy.

MGB GT V8, Rover V8
Motorstart V8

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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