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MGB V8 Tune UP
1972 MGB V8 4.6

MGB V8 Roadster Sebring SOUND! Rochefort Historic Cars Festival 2015.
Facebook: ------------------------------------------ vv More info down vv --------------------------------- Music : Airwave - People just don't care : This is a video with my father who droves his MGB V8 Sebeing Roadster! The car has a 3.9L V8 Rover engine tuned with another cam Kent 214, Omega Pistons and Edelbrooke carburettor. fitted with a 5 Speed gearbox Rover SD1. The car goes superb and droves really well as you can see on the video. Other cars in his category was a Ford GT40, an Aston Martin DBR3, Jaguar D-Type, Minis, etc,... This was filmed during the 2015 Rochefort Historic Cars Festival, Rochefort, Belgium. Hope you enjoy to watch this amazing video. Make sure you subscribe on TheCaraf channel for more supercars events and exclusive shoot videos in 1080HD quality. Thank you very much. Raphaël (TheCaraf).

MGB V8 Overtaking
Castle Combe Porsche Track Day May th 25 2012 Available to watch in FULL 1080 HD

MGB 4.6 litre V8 dyno runs
4.6 litre build by Triumph Rover Spares. Installed and tuned by BC Automotive in Lilydale. Was run and tuned earlier in the day. Should be on the road in the next month or two, everything else is done just needs a clean up for final assembly. Hope you enjoy.