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Timbco 425exl and John Deere grapple skidder

Integrity Tree Services, Timbco 425exl and John Deere 648GIII skidder. Clearing a new powerline right of way through a wooded swamp. All the trees were cut with the Timbco, and removed from the swamp with the skidder.


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Olofsfors Eco-Wheeltracks.wmv
How to install wheeltracks on a forest machine

Olofsfors Wheel Tracks working.wmv
lots of driving with wheeltracks form Olofsfors

TIMBCO 425 whit QUADCO 5660 processor head

Tree Huggers Nightmare
Whole tree chipping.

Loewen High Rotation Wrist on Timbco Barsaw
Loewen 350 Degree rotate wrist gives 310 degrees more rotation than the stock Timbco wrist. This operator could not pick up the blowdown trees like this with the stock set up. It is the difference between working and being out of work in this case. Loewen wrists are available for all models of fellerbunchers. A construction model is available for excavators.

Forestry Operation Photos
I put a cool fact at the very end of the video please read it. New logging site in town, stopped by and took some pictures.

John deere 548 G3 SKIDDER HARD ACTION HD .Métier de l'extrême
John deere 548 G3 SKIDDER HD .Métier de l'extrême Métier de l'extrême . Mettre la vidéo en HD Merci a soma.kokeny.pour les images Vidéo publié avec autorisation écrite de l'auteur soma.kokeny. https://www.facebook.com/soma.kokeny.1 http://www.youtube.com/user/ineamm?sub_confirmation=1 Reproduction ou utilisation interdite même partielle , COPYRIGHT © INEAMM Reproduction or unauthorized use, COPYRIGHT © INEAMM

TIMBERJACK 460 SKIDDER débardage EXTRÊME 2 sur terrain gelé dans un mur [HD] METIER DE L'EXTREME
TIMBERJACK 460 SKIDDER Débardage EXTRÊME 2 sur terrain gelé en très haute montagne [HD] Métier de l'extrême . Mettre la vidéo en HD http://www.youtube.com/user/ineamm?sub_confirmation=1 Reproduction ou utilisation interdite même partielle , COPYRIGHT © INEAMM Reproduction or unauthorized use, COPYRIGHT © INEAMM

Timbco 425exl with Quadco intermittent sawhead
Integrity Tree Services, Allendale, MI. This is our 2005 Timbco 425exl on a right of way project in Greenville, MI. Jeff Laansma is operating the Timbco. The Timbco has a 28" Quadco intermittent sawhead.

Abandoned 550 Timberjack Log Skidder
This machine was so bushed in, that we had never been close to it before. This time we came with a Stihl chainsaw and other tools of destruction to clear away the decades of growth. Our guess is that it's been parked in the forest for 20 to 30 years. It looks to be in great shape....there may have been some transmission issues judging by the add-on trans pressure gauge...but other than the corrosion from a leaky battery box...it looks like a runner.

Skidder / Débuskeuse John Deere 440c £2
Réalisé par: http://www.lemessagerdeletrange.com/

Tigercat six-wheel skidders
Tigercat six-wheel skidders in wet terrain

848H Skidder from John Deere Forestry
With industry-leading axles, super sturdy frames, and innovative options like dual-mode steering, the H-Series skidders continue John Deeres unwavering dedication to being the leader in the woods.

Homemade Log Skidder for use in Forestry

Skidding trees in Indiana with aTimberjack 360 grapple skidder 2010 007.MOV
Grove Forest Products -father and son team logging walnut in winter-

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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