Timbco 425exl and John Deere grapple skidder

Integrity Tree Services, Timbco 425exl and John Deere 648GIII skidder. Clearing a new powerline right of way through a wooded swamp. All the trees were cut with the Timbco, and removed from the swamp with the skidder.

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Timbco 425exl with Quadco intermittent sawhead
Integrity Tree Services, Allendale, MI. This is our 2005 Timbco 425exl on a right of way project in Greenville, MI. Jeff Laansma is operating the Timbco. The Timbco has a 28" Quadco intermittent sawhead.

Skidder John Deere 848H
Skidder John Deere Forestry 848H Font: http://www.deere.com Available in: http://www.woodharvesting.com

Forwarder 810E John Deere
Forwarder 810E John Deere Serie E Font: http://www.deere.com/forestryrevolution Available in: http://www.woodharvesting.com

Skidder John Deere 648GIII
Font: http://www.deere.com John Deere 648GIII Skidder Available in: http://www.woodharvesting.com