Albuquerque Drag Strip

The Mustang does a wheelie, and the other car makes a loud pop and dies when it attempts a burnout, it was a nice car though.

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Albuquerque National Dragway 2013
2013 Season Opener!! Here's a closer look at some of Albuquerque's Fastest rides. Sitting at an elevation of 4,943 ft. above sea level, these guys push it to the limit. Visit for the full race schedule. Stay tuned, like, and subscribe for more

Albuquerque Dragstrip 4-18-09
Some of the fastest local cars came out to race. Too much footage was taken and I had to be under the 10minute limit. Oh well hope you still enjoy it.

Albuquerque Drag Strip

Albuquerque Drag Strip
This is one of the best burnouts I have seen. Nice car too.