1972 AMC Hornet 2 door sedan

This car takes the old Hudson series name "Hornet"...and is a very nice example of same. I believe the interior was reupholstered, but that is a guess. Nice, practical, economical car..but competition was fierce at the time.

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1972 Chevy Monte Carlo
Just a beautiful car. I'm not a big fan of vinyl tops, but this one looks well cared for..and it really compliments the car. A really nice example of Chevy's interpretation of a personal car that does double duty as a family sedan...a touch of luxury to the low priced field.

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner
A really nice convertible sporting nice colorful upholstery that compliments the exterior. This was a year of change for Ford..it appeared a bit more formal, probably owing to the influence of the Lincoln Continental. The famous round tailights were modified to be more rectangular in shape. The instrument cluster continued to set a standard in uncluttered beautiful design.

1972 AMC Javelin SST Alabama Highway Patrol Clone SilverBluZH111513
This was an auction car, certainly with its own history! I'm sure it was quite capable in highway patrol work! Responder John Rosa has noted that it is a clone. Lucky troopers who drew this steed...nice surroundings pretty far removed from the usual spartan patrol car of the time! VASCAR was not related to RADAR in that it measured the time it took a target car to pass between two fixed objects (usually markings on the roadway) and then calculated the average speed the car was going. VASCAR could be also used by a patrol plane circling the area. Thanks to Wikipedia for the discussion on VASCAR.

1986 Ford Thunderbird coupe
Really a nice car! The interior is in as new condition. Occasionally we get these low mileage cars down here in Florida...I myself owned a used low mileage 1990 Cougar which gave excellent service. The interiors of these cars are really top notch..the upholstery is very posh! May have the 5.0 engine..not sure if they even installed a V6 in these.