Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupé

Video of the GTspirit Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupé test drive in Monaco. http://www.gtspirit.com

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Maybach coupe in London
The Xenatech Maybach coupe is spotted in London, black and white ones!

2016 New Maybach 57 S Coupe
#2016NewMaybach57SCoupe #Maybach57SCoupe #2016Maybach57SCoupe #201657SCoupe If by any chance you still remember the Maybach 57 S Coupé converted by Xenatec from the Maybach 57 limousine, prepare for a flashback as the opulent coupé will make a comeback. It won't be called Xenatec anymore because the German tuners became insolvent and naturally dropped all plans for building the elegant two-door behemoth. However, there's still hope for the car as DC Dream Cars wants to take the legacy further. They will have big shoes to fill since Xenatec received special approval from Daimler before starting morphing the Maybach 57 into a bespoke coupé. Back in 2011, Xantec planned to build and sell 200 units; each wearing a price tag of £595,000 (€811,132/$ 882,625). It wasn't meant to be, but DC Dream Cars are here to save the day. They will start with the 6.0-liter V12 powering the Maybach 57 S Coupé but will be able to tune it according to customer request. Which makes us wonder: why is there any tuning work necessary on an engine that already packs a hefty 630 HP and 737 lb-ft (999 Nm)? The answer could be both vanity or opulence, but clients will also have to show a little (more) patience because it takes around three months for the tuning house to deliver an order. Unless you have €1 million ($1,08 million) to spare and a thingy for white cars. In that case, you can buy one Maybach 57 S Coupe right now, or go for a black one with 1,000 km (miles) on the odometer. This one is a bit cheaper, and will only remove €590,000 ($641,000) from your bank account. ------ Source text website: autoevolution.com Photo credits: DC Dream Cars

Maybach Exelero
Alle Gerüchte um den Maybach Exelero. Wir klären was aus dem Maybach Exelero wird. http://www.motorvision.de/artikel/mechatronik-was-wird-aus-dem-maybachexele ro,12569.html

Limousine Maybach : l'excellence dans le luxe
Made in Luxe s'est rendu à la présentation exclusive de 4 limousines Maybach, la marque de prestige du groupe Daimler, qui avait lieu au restaurant de Léa Lindser . La marque Maybach est reconnue mondialement pour son niveau inégalé dans la conception automobile. Les fondateurs de Maybach visent à dépasser toutes les normes connues et revendiquent un leitmotiv : l'excellence dans le luxe.