mazda mx6 turbo 5.5 psi untuned

13.275 @ 112.58.

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Mazda Mx6 LS turbo Mic in front of radiator.
A short video with the microphone in front of the radiator. I recently blew an Exhaust gasket on the rear primary and have been hesitant to fix that..It can be heard in the video.. Im also Boosting 7psi, with a bit of lag I suppose from that leak. I Didnt go crazy with any of these pulls being the roads I take are often patrolled. In the video you will see I hesitate to shift into 4th, I was already doing over the speed limit and approaching traffic cones but I went for some of 4th anyway ;)

300 hp turbo miata drive
finally a video of my turbo miata

Mazda 3 MPS 2007. 0-255 km/t.
Mazda 3 MPS 2007. 2,3 turbo. bhp: 260 torque: 380

Mazda mx6 project