Project Moonlight -- Infiniti QX56 Supercharged

Infiniti QX56 with Stillen Supercharger kit on a VK56. Same body and engine as the Nissan Armada and Nissan Titan.

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Stillen supercharger Infiniti QX56.mp4
Установка нагнетателя Stillen на Infiniti QX56 в Инфинити Партс. Получился зверский снаряд с более чем 400 лошадьми под капотом. Ощущения при разгоне, как-будто ЗИЛ прицепили к реактивному самолету! Инфинити Партс - солидный опыт в тюнинге и ремонте Инфинити!

Infiniti QX56 (720HP) First Start after installing Supercharger and more
First time starting after installing Vortec Supercharger, Jim Wolf Cams and valve springs, Stillen Headers and Full Exhaust, Icon Coilover Suspension, AP Braking System, Fuel Pump and more. 720+ Crank HP so far....

toyota supra 2jz-ge mt vs infiniti qx56

Here is an amazing video of a 2010 Infiniti QX56 that Infiniti of Norwood modified with a custom Stillen Exhaust, Stillen Headers and a Stillen Intake. A very nice tour of the sights and sounds of what to expect.