335is vs 135i

RennTech DCT 335is test Tune w/Dinan FMIC vs. Cobb 135i Stage 2+ FMIC w/DPs

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BMW 335is Cold Start
Cold start on our 2011 BMW 335is Coupe. Exhaust is coming out of the right pipe until warmup when the flapper valve opens and allows Exhaust out of both pipes, just after 1:00 minute. First couple of revs are to around 1000-1500 RPM, second is to around 3000 RPM, and the last one is to around 6500 RPM (normally a no-no on a cold engine but just for demo purposes). The much-talked about "burble" of the Exhaust is heard as the RPMs come down after a rev. The camera is a Canon point-and-shoot set on a collapsed tripod about 40" from the rear bumper.

BMW 335i VS 135i VS Mustang Cobra
BMW 135i, 335i, and Mustang Cobra.

N54 vs N55: 135i DCT vs 335is DCT
Cam car: BMS DP, JB4 iso 5_5 map 6, Cobb BEF, 50% e85, inline 255, vrsf fmic, cp-e cp, bms intake, pure turbos stg1/inlet pipe 335is: BMS DCI, BMS CP/tial bov, vrsf dps, vrsf fmic, jb4 map 3 no meth, 75 additive 70% E85.

Battle Of The S's: BMW 335IS vs Lotus Exige S220
Two fun cars in an epic battle... the winner takes all. In one corner we have the lightweight Lotus Exige S220, and the other corner, the beefed up BMW 335IS, a rare gem with some unique properties. Which would you drive? Music by Matty Sterling, find more music here http://youtube.com/mattysterling or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Sterling/162753213784662 Intro song by Yust -- http://yust.newgrounds.com Special thanks to the drivers, the car owners, and the police.