335is vs 135i

RennTech DCT 335is test Tune w/Dinan FMIC vs. Cobb 135i Stage 2+ FMIC w/DPs

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335is Dinan Stage 3 Boost Upgrade Acceleration
2011 335is the first ever to get Dinan Stage 3 Boost Upgrade. Approximate current power is about 360 whp and 400 wtq. This was a special request to have this tune that was approved by Steve Dinan before it was even marketed. 1/4 mile track runs will be taken at a later time with cooler weather. Florida is on fire now.... I was constantly runng out room on a "private abandoned roadway" with chickens, armadillos, and deers getting in the way

335is vs Lamborghini Gallargo
@Maryland International Raceway Rolling race in 2nd gear from 40mph to about 125mph. Stock Lamborghini Gallardo vs FBO 335is running e50 map.

2011 BMW 335is DCT - Dinan vs 2010 Mitsubishi Evo - tuned - Drag Video - Road Test TV
http://www.RoadTestTV.com a Dinan modified 2011 BMW 335is with a DCT takes on a modified 2010 Mitsubishi Evo.

Cobb Tuned 135I vs Subaru STI
BMW 135I Cobb Stage 1 Aggressive Map, DCI and Exhaust vs STI with Exhaust and other unknown Mods.