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Suzuki Hayabusa 2014 vs Kawasaki ZX14 2014 Top Speed

Hayabusa Megameeting 2010, Hayabusaclub e.V. Germany, Hayabusa Jahrestreffen 2010
2. Internationales Hayabusa Jahrestreffen in Oberlahr (Westerwald). Organisiert vom Hayabusaclub Holland, Belgien und Deutschland Guckt ihr hier: www.hayabusaclub.com

INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014 Kolkata Chapter (Chay Pakoda Run)
Went on an amazing ride this Sunday! Rode alongside Harleys, Got overtaken by R1 and Hayabusas, Chased a Porsche. Saw the first Ferrari 458 Italia! INDIA BIKE WEEK 13-14 Kolkata Chapter (Chay Pakoda Run)

Learning how to drive with a Hayabusa
***You can find me as "Panagiotis Milas" in facebook *** Another sample of Hayabusa's row power and my brain's disfunction :-) Enjoy the brutal sound of the busa and it's screaming (for help) tires. P.S - This video is not uploaded to impress anybody or show off my skills (because I don't have any :-) We just have fun with our bikes and share it with the world. Simple as that. So youtube haters, piss off!!