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Rich Brat smashes her birthday cake and throws temper tantrum
AUTO PLAYLISTS BY SEARCH |;Rich_Brat_smashes_he r_birthday_cake_and_throws_temper_tantrum&cat=YT Unbelievable. MUST SEE!

The World's Strictest Parents - Holland
Two rebellious British teenagers experience strict parenting abroad, as 16-year-old wild child Daniel Eyre and 17-year-old spoilt brat Forrest Talbott get new parents in Holland. For a week they must live with the Van Berkels, a regular hardworking family who believe the key to good parenting is trust. Dad Jan works in insurance and his wife Liesbeth works three jobs and demands that son Frank and daughter Amber to do their bit to add to family life. Parenting in Holland is as tough as anywhere, especially given the country's liberal attitudes to drink, drugs and sex. But the Van Berkels are raising their kids to to believe that excess is for losers and follow a zero tolerance attitude to drugs. They give their kids freedom, but demand responsibility in return. Unsurprisingly, the British teenagers take advantage of the trust placed in them at the first opportunity, but they soon get their comeuppance. Forrest and Daniel must work hard to regain the parents' trust. Can Liesbeth get Daniel to wake up to the consequences of his party lifestyle? And will spoilt Forrest grow up and learn to respect her parents?

Seriously Spoiled!
Seriously Spoiled! at For Your Island An interview piece made for Hofstra University Show For Your Island By Alessandra Medeiros and Nicole Giberson. Feb. 2010 For more pieces like this, please visit WWW.FORYOURISLAND.COM

The World's Strictest Parents - Bangalore, India
Two rebellious British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as angry 16-year-old Aron Shave and spoilt 17-year-old Nadia Traboulsi get new parents in India. For a week they must live with the Nanjundayyas in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. They are a highly disciplined family who believe in education and ambition. Mum is a businesswoman and dedicated charity worker who, since her husband passed away 15 years ago, has raised her children with the help of her proud extended family - uncle Pradeep and uncle Mukesh - but has never taken her eye off the parenting ball. Despite adapting their traditional family values to a modern society, the Nanjundayyas have a zero tolerance attitude towards bad language and public disorder. So when Nadia and Aron have a huge argument in the school playground, the family are humiliated. Can the Nanjundayyas encourage Aron to control his anger and move on from a death in the family? And will Nadia become less selfish and focus on her education and find her ambition?