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The World's Strictest Parents - Albany, New Zealand

The World's Strictest Parents - Bangalore, India
Two rebellious British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as angry 16-year-old Aron Shave and spoilt 17-year-old Nadia Traboulsi get new parents in India. For a week they must live with the Nanjundayyas in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. They are a highly disciplined family who believe in education and ambition. Mum is a businesswoman and dedicated charity worker who, since her husband passed away 15 years ago, has raised her children with the help of her proud extended family - uncle Pradeep and uncle Mukesh - but has never taken her eye off the parenting ball. Despite adapting their traditional family values to a modern society, the Nanjundayyas have a zero tolerance attitude towards bad language and public disorder. So when Nadia and Aron have a huge argument in the school playground, the family are humiliated. Can the Nanjundayyas encourage Aron to control his anger and move on from a death in the family? And will Nadia become less selfish and focus on her education and find her ambition?

X-Factor - Chloe Victoria - Spoilt or Talented? (Try to ignore the slugs above her her eyes)
Chloe Victoria proving that by stamping your feet and moaning you can get through. I do actually believe she might be able to sing once the nerves have gone BUT she should have been better prepared :/ Would YOU have given her the chance Simon did? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe you should watch this too It might shed some light on this girl, so you see another side of her - I don't know which is worse :/

My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll! TLC Discovery S05 Special 01 January 2014
Subscribe here ➤ (Source: ving-doll-premiere.html) My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll -- a Must-See, One-Hour Premiere 12/13/2013 Living-doll-venus-200x300A new season of My Strange Addiction premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 1 with a special one-hour premiere. In I'm a Living Doll, meet Justin, Venus and Emily: three individuals who go to extreme physical and behavioral efforts to live as dolls. Despite criticism and concern from their families and friends, Justin and Emily are committed to transforming their bodies into doll-like forms. Venus, who's only 16, prides herself on a "dolly" appearance that comes naturally. Her mother works as her manager to promote Venus through photography, video and public appearances. Justin does not work; rather, he earns money modeling and accepts plastic surgeries as gifts. He's had 115 procedures, including bicep implants and rhinoplasty. Justin has toyed with the idea of permanent eyeliner, and he's currently sculpting and building a custom six-pack implant. It will transform his body -- if he can find a doctor willing to put the implant in. He calls his lifestyle the ultimate thrill, and he's not sure he'll ever be done changing his appearance to match the aesthetic perfection of a doll. While Emily has never had surgery, she's not opposed to the idea. For now, she achieves her doll-like appearance with special contact lenses, long wigs and a special wardrobe full of corsets. She's even begun eating smaller portions and avoiding the sun to maintain a small figure and porcelain complexion. Emily feels more confident dressed like a doll, though she finds it a challenge to convince her family and prospective employers that she should be taken seriously. Venus sees her doll-like appearance as a natural blessing that's a huge career opportunity. Along with her mom Margaret, Venus creates popular YouTube videos and is pursuing a path as a doll model in Japan. While some may see her life as lonely -- Venus spends all her time working with her mother -- she's happy to be doing what she loves. Will Justin, Emily and Venus find acceptance and success in their living doll lifestyles? Find out when My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll premieres on Jan. 1, 9|8c, launching an all-new season of My Strange Addiction. VENUS MOM Margaret Palermo: