1959 chevrolet chevy impala with an over-the-top restoration !!! 348 ci. tri-power

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1200HP+ '59 Chevy Impala 632ci Big Block - Start-up & Burnout
This is a 1959 Chevy Impala with a 1207hp 632ci big block V8, built in Sweden. I'm not sure about how it handles but to me it looks to be all cosmetic, the wheelie bars etc. Exhaust sounds GOOD! I filmed this car when it was leaving hot rod & rock show 2016. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fileerausvideos Shares: http://www.musclehorsepower.com/59-chevy-impa la-632ci-big-block-start-up-burnout/ http://www.carvideos.tv/classic-cars/4498/1207hp-632ci-v8-big-block-powered -1959-chevy-impala-does-crazy-burnouts

1959 Chevy El Camino 348 Tri-Power

135223 / 1959 Chevrolet Impala
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/pauea8w In an age where the typical collector swaps classic metal faster than Mister Rogers changes sweaters, it's hard to imagine finding a low-mileage, 3-owner bombshell that's been documented all the way down to an autograph from the time it was borrowed by Richard Petty. But this exclusive, national award-winning Chevy is just that, and, throughout 56 years of immaculate upkeep, heavy servicing has been its sole alteration. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind, virtually unmolested collector car, here's your chance to head the herd! HISTORY/PRESERVATION Introduced as Chevrolet's first foray upmarket, the Impala proved GM's volume car juggernaut had the strength to be all things to all people. It was the ride your upper class neighbors enjoyed and, like the original Bel Air, it wholly embodied the time of its creation. With that in mind, this awesome, second generation drop-top was immediately snatched up by its first owner in late 1958. That owner, Foster Harris of Dayton, Ohio, purchased the car from Williamstown, Kentucky's Piles Chevrolet as a gift for his wife. Unfortunately Mr. Harris' wife was more interested in birds than antelopes and, after 3K miles of use, the Impala was traded on a brand new Thunderbird. That's when the Chevy's second and long-term owner, Francis Mendenhall, entered the picture. Mr. Mendenhall and his wife fell in love with the car, mainly using it as a grand Sunday cruiser that provided their family years of great memories. As those years passed, the Mendenhall's daughter, Joyce, formed quite a bond with the low-mileage Chevy and would eventually use it to complete her driving test. When the time came for Joyce to head to college, the Impala returned to its plaster garage where her dad promised to store and maintain it until further notice. After college, Joyce married a future GM manager who was a hardcore Chevy fan and long-term Bel Air owner. And, in 1984, Joyce's father called to say: à)#it's time for you to pick up your Impala.à)# Ecstatic, she relocated the car to her new home and started hitting the national show circuit where, as you might imagine, the all-original, 23K mile drop-top was a big hit. In 2006, after roughly half a century in the same family, Joyce and her husband finally passed the car to its third and present owner: a retired neighbor who also purchased their beloved Bel Air. That owner, looking to keep things fresh, commissioned a heavy engine servicing that included new seals, new freeze plugs and fresh block paint. And today, the car rolls as a fully documented national award winner that's seen only 28,910 miles of road time in the hands of three dedicated owners. ENGINE Lift this Chevy's long hood and you'll find an original, 348 cubic inch turbo Thrust V8 that's branded with a correct 3755011 casting number, stated with a September (I) 19th (19), 1958 (58) casting date and detailed with a correct à)#Gà)# suffix stamp. A staple of working-class luxury, this sturdy 250 horsepower big block is one of the many reasons the Impala model enjoys fantastic name recognition. And absolutely every item, from its thick coat of Chevy Orange paint to its unique, bowtie-branded valve covers, is functional, reliable and ready to hit the cruise-in. DRIVETRAIN/SUSPENSION Behind that mill, a rugged Powerglide transmission, which hangs a correct 3742349 casting number above an October (J) 31st (31) 1958 (8) casting date, spins a beefy GM drop-out that literally sails the engine through its power band. Under that capable drivetrain, a lucid suspension mixes factory power steering with big, power-assisted drums. And at the corners of the chassis, great looking 8.00-14 BF Goodrich Silvertown whitewalls frame dent-free hubcaps. INTERIOR For GM products of the 1950s, interiors are always a highlight. Adjustable bench seats wear retro plaid covers that remind us of family picnics. The padded and stainless-trimmed dash plays host to factory instrumentation, a correct radio and chrome accessory pulls. And in front of the driver, a traditional Impala steering wheel spins speed-drilled spokes around a storied cross-flag emblem. Coveted and cherished, this national award-winning Chevy is a mostly-original piece of jet age magic that's ready to be shown and celebrated. If you're looking for a first-rate classic that's capable of leading the collector car herd, call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com and take home this incredible Impala!