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Retro fit cold smoke generator unit that will suit most table top, floorstanding smokers, bbq's and smokehouses. Although this unit is small and compact it produces enough smoke for a 16 cubic meter space ( a small room)and will run for 2 hours + before it runs out of wood chips.The hopper can be topped up in the run for up to 10 hours should a longer smoke time be required. Once the woodchips or wood pellets have ignited the air pump gently blows air into the combustion area and somke out of the short smoke pipe into the smoker providing good circulation. This unit is quick and simple to install, easy to light, user freindly, safe to use and dishwasher safe. It is ideal as a gift and could last a lifetime due to its durabe stainless steel construction. A highly economical device with a woodchip hopper capacity of only about 500cc. The air pump opperates off 230v and is rated at 5watts - less than a light bulb . This auction is for one smoke generator, one air pump and a short piece of plastic tubing. The air pump type may vary from the one shown. Drum shown is excluded. To purchase a Ventura visit :