Mercedes-Benz W123 300D Turbo Diesel Engine Running

Up for sale is a complete running engine from a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D with only 100,000 miles on it. It is completely in order and will be removed from the car by John J. Gallagher and Co. Mercedes-Benz restoration specialists. Call 610.446.9740 - many more Mercedes-Benz parts New Old Stock and quality used W123, W124, W126, W201 etc...

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Mercedes 300 turbo diesel engine reving
Runnin outside of a car ,

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Mercedes W124 300D cold start
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Diesel Engine Maintenance Tip 5: Sound of a Healthy Engine
Listen to this 240D running while Kents explains what to "listen" for to determine the health of one of these engines. Diesel repair help click here: Wrenches to adjust valves: kit-designed-kent-bergsma-made-the-usa kits to rebuild injectors here: monark injectors diesel repair manuals click here: To view to full youtube play list of free videos CLICK HERE: To view Kent’s diesel manuals and training videos along with special DIY repair kits he has produced CLICK HERE: For Kent’s written manual on these engines CLICK HERE: ir-manual-kent-bergsma