Audi S4 Avant 4.2 Quattro -04

Audi S4 Avant 4.2 Quattro -04 with Top Gear cat-back system

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Low Rider Audi S4 4.2 V8 snow donut
Emanuele che testa le sue gomme estive 235 per 19" in un parcheggio privato innevato :D

Audi S4 Avant B6
CimpleMoritz 2006

Beautiful sound of an Audi S4 4.2 V8
The beautiful sound of an revving Audi S4 4.2 V8. Very nice warm and dark sound.

Audi S4 Avant - From Stock to BEAST - Transformation
The AccuAir Suspension Audi “Air4” Avant ----------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Like us on facebook for more videos: ★ Follow us on Instagram for more pictures: ★ Subscribe now: ----------------------------------------------------------------- As part of the welcome package to eGarage's new Sponsor, we are introduced to the stunning widebody wagon built under very tight deadlines by for as their SEMA show vehicle for 2012. PLEASE VISIT AccuAirSuspension