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F4i Fork Seal Change Part 1

This is part one of a video tutorial on how to change your fork seals. These forks are from my 2001 Honda CBR600F4i. **NOTE** Not shown in the video is the filling of the forks with oil. You will need Honda SS3 Suspension Fluid or an equivalent 10W fork oil from another brand. You need to have the SAME EXACT LEVEL in both forks. Also, you need to bleed the dampening rods...you do this by pouring a quarter or so of the fork oil necessary, then pumping the rod several times until it has a lot of resistance...then you pour in the rest. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb5J0zRqcvc Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQrhY8r0q60 Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcgMafPtXxQ


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How to change fork seals in traditional (right way up) Forks.
In this episode we give you an idea of what's involved in changing the fork seals on your motorcycle, we used an early CBR 600F as the demonstration bike.

Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals.
By popular request, a detailed video on how to replace the fork seals on regular type motorcycle forks.

Showa SFF Fork Rebuild & Seal Replacement Part 1 (Left Fork)
http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=ShowaSFFFo rkRebuild&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos The Showa SFF Forks or Separate Function Forks are an all new fork set designed to not only save weight on the bike, but these also give the rider the ability to adjust the fork ride height and preload via the adjuster on top of the right fork. This new design achieves a lighter overall weight by separating the entire damping assembly into the left fork and then placing a heavier spring in the right fork hence the name Separate Function. Replacing motorcycle fork seals isn't a difficult process as long as you take the correct steps and have the right tools but this is something every motorcycle owner should know how to do. This video walks you through the rebuild process of the left fork which houses the damping assembly and it also shows you what things to look for in order to keep your motorcycles suspension working correctly. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the parts and tools and fork oil you need to completely rebuild your forks and replace your fork seals. Visit our website www.rockymountainatvmc.com! Click Here To Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQSXoYEPBXNPSx1hWbO2WRQ?sub_confirmation=1

Replace your fork seals - dismantling the forks
This clip is taken from the 'Replace your fork seals' DVD available from DrivenandRidden.com.

CBR - from track to street in 7 mins.
We had a good run. Taking my CBR F4i from track set up back to street set up. The CBR was a great bike on the track for the past 3 years.

Armando barral del Honda CBR 1000 RR.

How To: Replace Fork Seals - 03-04 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 2003 2004 B1 B2
This video will show you how to replace your fork seals on your 2003-2004 Kawasaki ZX-6R and ZX-6RR. Factory Part #'s: Oil Seal (x2) - 92049-0001 Dust Seal (x2) - 92093-1472 10W Fork Seal Oil

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Honda CBR Crash
Sooo..... action starts at 3:33 (if you don't want to listen to me talk too much, actual crash is at 5:00 ) This video is a "run down" so to speak of what i did wrong leading to highsiding the F4i on South Mountain. In this week alone 3 riders went down all with very good results and no injuries. I bruised my hip and scraped my knee on this accident and that was it. I've gotten hurt worse playing football. That being said....the right side of the bike was F'd up. You can't really see from the video but the fairings were actually broken and cracked in many places. Bolts broke, Exhaust was hanging off, mirror bent, and a big gouge in my headlight. All in all it went well. "The Angel" is far from being complete.

vfr800 fork oil change.mov
Changing the oil on the set of second hand forks I got off ebay...they look fine, so all ready to be fitted now.

Stunter Sessions- How to Wheelie part 1
http://sportbikewrench.com/ XDL Champion Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil show us how the wheelie is done. Whether you're an aspiring stunter or a racer that just wants to know how to win a race in style. Obviously, riding motorcycles is a dangerous sport. Always wear the correct safety gear and never ride over your abilities.

How to make motorcycle front fork tubes look shiny again
In this 'How to' video we show you the tools needed for removing the factory clear coat on lower motorcycle fork tube. By following the information given you can make ugly looking forks look new again.

Animation Showa Big Piston Fork
Showas neue BPF lässt die Kartusche wie früher weg und erreicht durch exaktere Fertigungsmethoden dennoch hohe Dämpfungspräzision. Der viel größere Kolben der BPF wirkt sich positiv auf das Ansprechverhalten aus.

Change motorcycle fork seals part 2 (of 2) cartridge type
http://www.rockymountainatv.com - How to replace a fork seal on a motocross dirt bike, part 2. Cartridge type fork, motorcycle fork seals are easy.

Tip to keep your forks moving freely after cleaning.
Washing your bike makes the fork legs dry and sticky. Here's a cool tip that works like a charm to make your forks silky smooth.

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