Mini Vtec

Mini with a honda Vtec engine Dropped in.

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mini vtec, 1st attempt starting
mini vtec, first attempt at starting

Nathan's 1962 Mini Cooper 850 VTEC
Nathan from Works By Wilson Engineering brought down his 1962 Mini Cooper 850 for a tune via his Apexi Power FC. With a rebuilt Honda Vtec B16A2 and 312° camshafts, Nathans Mini made 164hp on 98 octane, this Mini would be a handful on the road or in the hills……. VTEC Yo !! ‪#‎efiperformance‬ “Music from the 1969 The Italian Job"

When VTEC kicks in...
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Mini vtec 4x4 running idle
In this video I finally got the mini running idle well. I still need to adjust the distributor accurate. I placed the MAP-SENSOR last week. Next vid I made a new dash and rewired the interior harness.